Los Pumas-Gales will once again have an alternative story for people with visual disabilities

Los Pumas-Gales will once again have an alternative story for people with visual disabilities

The third test of the July window for Los Pumas! Those directed by Mario Ledesma will visit Wales for the second time at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and the party that It will be broadcast on ESPN next Saturday, July 17 from 10:30 a.m. It will feature secondary audio programming (SAP, for its acronym in English) to provide an alternative story to the original television broadcast, more descriptive so that people with visual disabilities, together with their families and friends, can follow and enjoy this great sporting event even more.

Saturday 17, on ESPN from 10:30 ARG / URU 9:30 CHI / PAR / BOL / VEN 8: 30COL / ECU / PER, with stories by Alejandro Coccia, Diego Albanese and Juan Martín Hernández, while the secondary audio programming SAP It will be in charge of Facundo Quiroga and Ramiro ‘Zuca’ Conti.

The best rugby in the world continues on the screens of ESPN, especially with the attractive series of The Pumas versus Wales. The July window of the Argentine team takes place on the European continent and after the victory against Romania (24-17), it will now collide as a visitor at the home of the Red Dragons for the second time, in Cardiff, after the tie at the last weekend of week.

While the record favors the Europeans, who are now handicapped by the British and Irish Lions tour, The Pumas They will face this test focused on improving their performance and trying to return to victory in Cardiff, an achievement they have not achieved since November 2012.

It is well worth highlighting that ESPN for these games it will use Secondary Audio Programming * (SAP) to provide a more descriptive alternate story for the visually impaired. This initiative started with the UEFA Champions League final and is now extending to rugby.

This alternative account of Los Pumas on the auxiliary audio channel will feature the narration of Facundo Quiroga and the comments of Ramiro Conti, while the original transmission, meanwhile, will be in charge of Alejandro Coccia, Diego Albanese and Juan Martín Hernández.

This initiative is part of The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to offer inclusive and accessible content that can be enjoyed without distinction by more and more people together with their family and friends.


On Saturday July 17, in the second meeting between Argentina and Wales through the international rugby window there will be an auxiliary audio channel that will have an alternative story to give life to this experience.

This initiative, which was already carried out in the first match in Cardiff last weekend and will be repeated in other competitions, was developed in conjunction with associations that promote the integration of people with visual disabilities such as ASAC (Association for the Help of the Blind ) and APANOVI (Association Pro Aid to the Blind) and prominent community personalities such as Silvio Velo, captain of Los Murcielagos, the renowned Argentine futsal team for the blind.

The descriptive story is an audio that seeks to share with the audience more details about the players, a correct expression of the surnames, number and color of the jerseys, gestures, emotions and provides a portrait of the stadium, the playing field, the location of the play (from and where it is directed), the way in which a foul was committed, how tries are celebrated and many other narrative elements whose objective aims to achieve a better contextualization and experience for all people and in particular those with visual disability.

* Audiodescriptive narration service subject to cable operator technology (if in doubt, contact your cable operator for more information).

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