Pacquiao unleashes the madness in Los Angeles; even the police want a picture with him

Pacquiao desata la locura en Los Ángeles; hasta los policías quieren foto con él

Manny pacquiao continues with his training camp in The Angels for your next fight against Errol spence on August 21, and the Filipino unleashes madness in the streets, where even the policemen who were in the place end up asking him for a photo.

Pacquiao it continues to have traction with people. And in the video that he recorded Fight Hype it can be seen that the simplicity of Pacquiao It makes even the policemen want to have his souvenir photo.

And after this, many people approached him Pacquiao to sign an object for them or to take photos with them. Y PacquiaoAs always, he agreed without problems, showing that simplicity is one of the best presentations for elite athletes.

Pac-man Despite all this, he has remained focused on training to regain speed and hitting power, something that has been shown on his social networks. It should be remembered that the boxer had been out of professional boxing for two years, so he needs to oil all parts of his body.

Pacquiao pointed out why he chose Errol Spence

Manny made it clear why it was decided to face the welterweight champion in WBC and IBF in in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“There were a lot of opportunities to pick a lot easier fights compared to Errol spence. But I decided to choose Spence because I want to give the fans a good fight and I want a real fight, “he said.

“I am a fighter and boxing is my passion. Spence is an aggressive fighter, undefeated, young and dedicated to his career. He is not an easy opponent. He is the type of fighter that you never and cannot underestimate, ”he added. .

In the same way, in the face to face they had a few days ago, the Filipino pointed out that the young American is the greatest challenge of his career, so he does not need the help of Floyd Mayweather.

“Errol does not need the advice of Mayweather. I think that Errol it’s better than Mayweather. He’s a better fighter than Mayweather, ”he explained.

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