UFC’s new star: Ilia Topuria grows by leaps and bounds with her undefeated

Ilia Topuria.

Ilia Topuria he was left with one of the best knockouts of the UFC 264, so now it goes for everything. Ryan hall It was the victim last weekend, the one who couldn’t make it through the first round. That being the case, after the impressive image that he left this Saturday in the most important cage in the world, he is now 10-0 and we only have to wait to know what star he will have in front of him soon.

“It was incredible. When I caught him with the first punch, he was very happy inside. I said, ‘Yes, I caught you and now I’m going to finish you off.’ When the referee pulled me away, it was like, ‘Yeah. Thank you, God, for this incredible feeling ‘”, was what he began by expressing Topuria, who clearly is for very big things within UFC. With his undefeated, he scares anyone in the division.

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Being that way, Ilia also acknowledged the following about her present and how to prepare for each fight. «Where I train, we have about 30 black belts that have a style very similar to that of Ryan hall. For me, his style was normal. I train with guys all the time who have a similar style to him, “he said, indicating why he was able to counteract the power of his rival.

“I did not come here just to be in qualification. I came here to be a world champion. I’m showing everyone in my division that I’m the type to fight for the title. I will fight for the title in a year at the most. I think I will fight in November or December against someone classified, “he concluded, making it clear that he will take a few weeks off and then begin to think about the future.

His previous sayings

In addition, Ilia Topuria He said in the preview: «There is a detail that people do not know: my coach finished the coach of Ryan hall in 40 seconds with a leg jacket. Everyone within the company knows that I don’t want to fight anyone who is below me in the ranking. So, after this fight, I will always go forward. I don’t have a name right now, but the next one would be someone in the top 15 or top 10 for sure.

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