Was it a joke? The reason that upset Conor McGregor’s team with Joe Rogan

Conor McGregor.

After the fracture of Conor mcgregor, Joe rogan he performed a highly criticized maneuver. The commentator of UFC he sat down next to the former Irish champion, who was lying with a part of his left leg totally out of place. He immediately put the microphone close to his mouth and began interviewing him. That was what blew up John kavanagh, coach of the Briton.

His foot is literally dangling. It is a clean fracture in the fibula and tibia. It happened directly. It is hanging. You can only imagine the rush of hormones and what will go through your body at that moment. The pain was on fire. Then someone leans in and puts a microphone to his face: “How are you feeling now?” It’s like, guys, come on, “he explained. Kavanagh.

Was he already injured? The controversial fact they revealed about Conor McGregor and his fracture

In addition to the above, John He also summarized the following: “When have you never been merciful in the end? Let’s go behind the scenes, get a proper evaluation by a doctor, and get an X-ray. Let’s say you were pretty upset at the idea of ​​shoving a mic in someone’s face at the time. Let’s meet”.

“It was fantastic. I thought it looked really, really good there. He wasn’t worried at all. In fact, I was very, very happy. At the 4:30 or even 4:45 mark (of Round 1), it’s all salsa. I thought the energy looked good, the technique looked good. A few adjustments between rounds, and I thought in the second round we were well on our way to finishing there or keeping up the pace for the rest of the fight, ”the coach completed.

His previous sayings

Hours ago, John kavanagh He had said, ‘Some of that ankle injury had gotten worse during the camp. We have a scan. We were with a doctor a couple of weeks ago to get an ankle CT scan. There may be something there. It would seem unusual that a fit, healthy young man could wrap his foot around an elbow and break it without there being something wrong there before.

Conor McGregor’s posting on Instagram.

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