Will it rise to fame? Max Griffin intends to fight the best soon

Max Griffin.

After defeating Carlos Condit, Max griffin made clear what you are looking for for your next step. The extraordinary American fighter measured himself against a historical UFC legend, beating him by unanimous decision and making it clear that he is ready for whatever may come. In that sense, he was confident, taking into account that in the previous one he assured that “it is Max’s time.”

“My coach told me, ‘You’re faster than him,’ and I was. Everything we planned, he did with a T. I didn’t even see a second of tape on him. Everything I remembered about him was just from being a fan. It’s amazing, “was what he began by saying Griffin, who clearly had his most important and exciting fight yet. Without a doubt, it was a shock that surprised many.

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Likewise, showing that in life you can do what you want as a child, the American also expressed the following: “Dreams come true. I remember being in my living room watching him say things like, ‘I want to fight him’ like 10 years ago, and I just hit him. Life is amazing. It’s a relief. Getting the W against a legend is a relief.

«There are three in a row at the moment, great victories. There were two finals and a decisive victory against ‘The Natural Born Killer’. Give me a number. I want to scale these ranges. I’m going to beat everyone from now on », he closed Max griffin, who is now looking to have an opponent ranked among the best to add his fourth victory in a row. Without a doubt, it deserves to keep climbing.

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In the previous one, Max griffin He mentioned, “I’m excited. Wonderful experience, wonderful time, wonderful opportunity. In fact, I wanted to fight Carlos since I was young, since I was a kid, so to have this fight now, when I finally found out, is amazing. When I used to see him at WEC, I used to see him walk around the cage, raiding the camera, and I remember being like, ‘I want to fight that guy.

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