And now? Tyron Woodley’s shocking statement about Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley.

Tyron woodley Y Jake paul they were once more face to face, causing even more anxiety. The two will step into the ring for a spectacular boxing crossover, so within weeks of the fight, they both begin to exchange words. In that sense, the former champion of UFC He did not remain silent and, in a press conference, took the opportunity to leave a few words to his next rival.

To get started, Woodley He announced the following: “This is an opportunity for me to run into boxing lane, but I am also preparing accordingly, I am preparing as if I was fighting Canelo (Álvarez). I’m training like this right now. And the people who are training me, I train with world champions who are defending their belts.

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So for me I am really blessed. People say, ‘I’m happy, I’m happy,’ but these motherfuckers aren’t really happy. They wear spiderman underwear on stage and hand out cupcakes to their opponent, but they are terrified and hate this shit. For me, I weigh 190 (pounds). I have been killing myself to do 170 all these years, so now I am going to leave renewed, renewed and ready to appear, “he also explained.

Filled him with praise

What’s more, Tyron highlighted: «Jake He’s an athlete, they fought in Ohio and his brother was stationed in states. They have not had it easy. Ohio is the fourth or fifth best state for hiring. I recruited, I was a wrestling coach. We would go to PA first, then New York, and then we would go to California. Ohio is there with New Jersey. So to place there and then go fight division one, don’t let that fool you.

“He’s an athlete and he’s really trying to go out there and fight without pressure by minimizing what he’s doing and how he’s preparing. On the internet he says, ‘Oh, I’m going to knock out the five-time world champion and now he’s giving me the credit. But from side to side, I am washed and old. But I am still faster, I am even stronger and they have hit me with everything they can hit you. I have also belittled a lot of people, “he added. Tyron woodley.

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