Exciting! Formula 1 announced a historic comeback for this weekend

Fórmula 1

This weekend there will be a historic Grand Prix at the Formula 1. For the first time in more than 70 years of history, there will be two races one weekend. The first of them will take place on Saturday, with the sprint test, which will organize the positions to be able to see the starting order of the race on Sunday, which will be the usual one on all weekends.

However, with this new format, an old Formula 1 tradition will be recovered. In the 80s, the first three drivers to reach the podium of each race not only received the usual bottle of champagne and the trophy, but also a huge laurel wreath was placed on him. This was discontinued several years ago, after sponsors complained that it obscured the brands.

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After more than 30 years of this tradition, this beautiful award will be used again this weekend, as there will be no bottle of champagne for the winners. This will not only be used this weekend, but will also be done in the Italian Grand Prix, on Monza. This was officially confirmed by the category social networks.

“The sprint format is new and exciting, so we thought it was important to find a moment after qualifying that was just as special. The moment recognizes seven decades of history in the sport and combines it with a modern twist, very similar to the sprint classification ”, he assured Alex Molina, show director of Formula 1 events.

End of the crowns

Laurel wreaths were phased out in the late 1980s after various brands that sponsored riders called for a change in this historic tradition. The marks were covered when the pilots took the podium, where it is the moment that the divers are given the greatest image. The last laurel wreath that was presented was in the Italian Grand Prix from 1985, to Alain Prost.

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