Go on? A new door was opened for the future of Valentino Rossi in MotoGP

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi he continues to enjoy his last days before training to face the second part of the year again. However, many are still awaiting the decision that Valentino will make about his future in MotoGP. Although the Italian did not confirm his decision, everyone indicates that he will not continue racing next year. However, a new possibility was opened for Rossi.

In the last hours several rumors circulated around the MotoGP paddock. Since Rossi will run in his team, the VR46 Racing Team, with a Ducati, until he will continue in the team Yamaha for one more year. However, the chances are many. All teams want to have an exponent of the category like Valentino, the greatest idol of the World Championship.

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Go on?

Yes OK don’t know what to do yet, Valentino opened a new door in the category: that of the Yamaha petronas. The director of the team, Razlan Razali, he assured that the team is not talking to any other driver as they are waiting for Valentino to communicate his decision. This confirms that Petronas wants to continue to have Valentino for at least one more year.

“We are still waiting for Valentino and Yamaha’s decision about next year. Anyway, and as is normal at this time of year, the latest news about the MotoGP rider market has opened up all the possibilities. It is an ongoing conversation between Yamaha, us and our current riders, and we are in no rush to announce anything, ”he noted.

On the other hand, Razali confirmed that he received several offers from drivers to impersonate Rossi, although they have not chosen anyone yet. “We have received interest from many riders and even some who are currently out of MotoGP to come to the team. We believe that we have time and we are in a position where we can afford to choose, ”Razali added.

Source: Official Twitter Valentino Rossi

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