“I wouldn’t say no”: George Russell sends a message to Red Bull and drives Mercedes to despair

George Russell

George Russell is the center of attention of all fans of the Formula 1 since on repeated occasions, several European media confirmed that his arrival to the team will be announced this weekend Mercedes. However, Russell ruled out this possibility in an interview. Now, almost 24 hours after the start of the Grand Prix of Great Britain, opens the door to Red bull: “I wouldn’t say no.”

A few hours ago, Russell confirmed that there will be no announcement about his future this weekend, as there is still no agreement signed between him and the Mercedes team. This opened the possibility for the British to continue in Williams next year, or even the possibility of Russell landing in Red Bull, Mercedes’ immediate rival, arose.

Formula 1 bombshell: George Russell passes Red Bull?

Message to Mercedes

This set off the alarms of all the fans and obviously, the Mercedes team. However, Russell himself continued to add fuel to the fire, with statements that resonated strongly in the German house, since the pilot did not rule out going to the energy drink brand in the next season, if he receives any formal offer for it. .

I always try to keep every relationship open. I’m not someone who likes to close doors. If someone invited me to a chat, I wouldn’t say no. You never know what will happen in the future”, Declared according to the SoyMotor.com medium. It should be noted that this occurred one day after Helmut Marko, Red Bull advisor, say that Russell is a driver to consider in the market.

However, nothing seems to indicate that Red Bull is launching a formal offer to the British rider, since several media have already confirmed the renewal of Czech Pérez. On the other hand, it can also be a way of putting pressure on Mercedes to make his arrival to the team official as quickly as possible.

Source: Williams official Twitter

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