It Gets Spicy: Kamaru Usman’s Team Threats to “Racist” Colby Covington

Kamaru Usman.

The next fight of Kamaru usman will be against Colby covington, so the preview is red hot. The rematch between the two is really attractive, with both firing thick ammunition everywhere. Therefore, the agent of the Nigerian, Ali abdelaziz, went directly to the neck of the American. In that sense, the words rang out loudly on all social networks, for calling him “racist.”

This Monday, Abdelaziz He told MMA Junkie, “That’s the fight. Listen, the last time they fought, he broke his jaw. In this fight, I hope he goes blind or something bad happens to him because he is a very bad guy. He’s on the same level of shit as Conor. They are face to face. He’s a racist bastard. Insult people’s religion, wife. You see him talking about Dustin, he said that Dustin Poirier’s wife is an accessory.

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“We know what happened last time when we met him at the Palm, and he called the police for Werdum and for me. I think Dana White is right: this is the fight. He’s the promoter and at the end of the day, you want him to Colby covington drink through a straw or don’t walk for a year or two because he’s a decent fighter. He is not a great fighter. Gonna be there hanging out but I think Usman It will do a lot, a lot of damage, “he said.

It comes with everything

Also, Ali indicated: «Kamaru usman He is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world today. It’s not Jon Jones, it’s not Israel Adesanya, it’s nobody. He’s pound-for-pound king, he’s beaten the entire division, and I honestly want to see Kamaru move to Middleweight sometime. I know Israel is your friend. I want him to become a two-division champion, and I think he can. I think he can beat anyone.

«Colby covington he is a dead man. He is a dead man walking, the clock is ticking and he will get what he asked for with great violence. Kamaru usman he is not the same fighter. We have seen him improve in each fight, and that’s it, “he completed. Ali abdelaziz. With those words, there is no doubt that the next fight of the Welterweight champion will be very exciting.

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