Terrible! When can Conor McGregor fight again after the shocking injury?

Conor McGregor.

After what was a terrible Saturday for Conor mcgregor, the UFC received another sad news in these hours. The medical suspensions of the UFC 264 were unveiled, so it is already known how long the former Irish two-division champion will have to wait to return to the Octagon. Hands down, a forgettable year for the Brit, who was knocked out and then fractured in just six months.

In these hours, UFC revealed the times that UFC 264 fighters will have to manage to return to the most important cage in the world. Given that, the MMA journalist, Al Dawson, viralized the information that in a few minutes traveled the entire world. Now, it is known that Conor mcgregor will not be able to be active again until the first month of 2022. A real shame.

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«Conor mcgregor You have received a medical suspension until January 7, 2022, unless you receive an orthopedic clearance for your fractured left leg. The minimum suspension is six weeks, without contact (sparring) until early or mid-August, according to the MMA combat sports regulator ”, was what Al Dawson mentioned on his personal Twitter account.

The impressive fracture

In what was a dramatic trilogy between Dustin Poirier and Conor mcgregor, the Irishman suffered a terrible fracture in his leg and everything ended in the least expected way. The former two-division champion was overpowered in the first round of the battle, but an unexpected and unusual injury knocked him out once more. That being the case, the story between the two ended with controversy, since the numbers will go 2-1 for the American.

“You need people like me,” was the controversial message from Conor on his social networks, leaving no certainty about what will happen to his future as a fighter. Clearly things did not go as expected, but, with those words, it is understood that he would not rule out returning to the Octagon. As many opined, he tried to make it clear that UFC has the need to have it within the promotion.

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