The worst celebration? Conor McGregor and a bumpy birthday

Conor McGregor.

This Wednesday, July 14, Conor mcgregor birthday and his injury in the UFC 264 won’t let him party. At any other time in his life, the Irishman could have lived this special day in some other way. But, thanks to the fracture he had in the trilogy with Dustin Poirier, on Saturday he spent at the T-Mobile Arena, he will be quiet and unable to do anything of the expected.

Conor mcgregor was born on July 14, 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. Today he is turning 33 years of life, days after one of the worst moments he has ever had to live. Despite having been defeated in multiple options, this 2021 will be a year to eliminate from your memories and calendar. In January, the Briton was knocked out for the first time in his career. Now, he’s injured like never before.

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A different McGregor

After the shocking fracture at UFC 264, Conor mcgregor He did not remain silent and left another message for the critics. The former two-division champion does not neglect what happened at the weekend, taking into account that the trilogy was given up on Dustin Poirier, although it all ended with a leg injury to the Irishman. It was stopped by the doctor, which left controversy.

Taking into account that the result was 2 to 1 for the American, clearly Conor he was not happy. “The Notorious” was confident in going to the second round and finishing everything, but could not do it after the injury. Although Dustin had dominated the beginning of the battle, both the Briton and his team were sure that things could have been different in the second part.

In their social networks, Mcgregor received a loving message from his wife, Dee Devlin, the one who greeted him on his birthday. In any case, it will not be a regular celebration for them, knowing that the morale and state of the former champion is totally different from other years. Now, we only have to wait to know what decision he will make with his career as an athlete and what may come for him.

Dee Devlin’s post on Instagram.

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