Crossing of legends: historic Paul Felder shot Conor McGregor

Paul Felder.

Conor mcgregor is at the center of criticism and Paul felder was not the exception in these hours. The “Irish Dragon” shot “The Notorious” for his words to Dustin Poirier’s wife, which came in the preview of UFC 264. In this way, his words were added to a long list of important characters who made fun of him. Former two-division champion since Saturday.

In a new episode of “UFC Round-Up,” Felder He started by saying, “You are on the ground with your leg broken in half at the bottom, threatening to kill someone in front of a man who just dominated you twice in a row. He could walk and football kick you in the mouth and knock out all your teeth and leave you for dead on that mat. You are the one in a position to be killed, Conor, in that place”.

Terrible! When can Conor McGregor fight again after the shocking injury?

About Dustin, what I loved is that this guy could have gone there and tried to attack Conor, who is on the ground with a broken leg. It’s not that security had let that happen, but the way it allows you to say that and just bite your tongue and hold your head up, ”the spectacular expeller also maintained.

Did not tolerate the attitude

In addition, Paul He stated: “I mean, a lot of clashes with Dustin Poirier because of the way he handled that situation. This sport is violent, I understand. We’re supposed to beat each other up, knock each other out. But at the end of the day, it’s not about murder. It’s not about your family. Leave those things out of your mouth, or get out of the Octagon, I don’t want to see you again.

This is not a street fight. It’s not really about life or death. Obviously, in boxing and mixed martial arts, there are injuries that can literally cause people to die. So talking about such things is disgusting and we’ve mentioned it a million times. What he said was wrong, “he completed Paul felder. Like several others, the words of Conor mcgregor they annoyed the ‘Irish Dragon’.

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