He does not wait any longer: Luke Rockhold rushes the UFC for a rival or assures that he will leave

Luke Rockhold.

Without a doubt, Luke rockhold is increasingly angry with UFC and its leaders. The seasoned and legendary fighter has long been training hard to return to the world’s greatest cage, but he still has no rival to face. For this reason, speaking with MMA Fighting, he revealed that he is more furious than ever and about to leave the company.

“It feels good to see the world come back, fill an arena, and bring that energy back to the game. That’s what drives us to want to thrive in that spotlight. That’s all it is. Fighting in an empty arena just doesn’t sound that great and it doesn’t feel the same way. When you are watching fights during the pandemic, there is nothing there, you cannot even feel it, “he began by saying. Rockhold.

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In addition, Luke He stated: «I am 36 years old, my body hurts a little here and there for sure. It’s not how it used to be. Athletic, technically and mentally, I feel fucking strong, I feel prepared and I have been able to be more present. Sometimes throughout the race, you allow pressure and different things to weigh on you, and right now I feel so lucid and in a good space where I’m ready to go back.

He is upset

Give me the damn dance partner to prove it, or not. What. I do not mind. I’m going there and I’m going to do what I do. Let me prove I’m right and let people try to prove I’m fucking wrong. But someone has to step up and fucking do it. But I’m not going to accept anything that doesn’t excite me. I’m not going to step up and fight someone who doesn’t excite me or who doesn’t excite my fans, ”he added.

To close, Luke rockhold He stated, ‘It doesn’t make sense. I’ve been doing that. I’ve been a Strikeforce champion, I’ve been a world champion UFC, I don’t need to go back and fight a bum that doesn’t thrill me. I prefer not to return. If you want me to fight, give me something that excites me. Give me something that excites my fans, my people and all of us. Otherwise, fuck off and let me go because I’m not going to do that. “

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