“If this is the time to risk my life, I will do that,” warns Charlo about a fight with Castaño

Brian Castaño y Jermell Charlo

Jermell charlo He is ready to risk his life against the Argentine Brian Carlos Castaño in the fight in which they will unify the super welterweight division on July 17, in the AT&T Center from San Antonio, Texas.

“I’ve never been in a fight before where my life hangs in the balance, you know,” he said. Charlo to a group of reporters. “If this is the moment when I have to risk everything, I am willing to do it. I want to take that risk ”.

Charlo He only adds one loss in 35 professional fights and has never been knocked out in his 14-year boxing career.

However, the Argentine Chestnut He is on the rise in the division and maintains an undefeated record of 17 wins and a draw.

“I don’t care what is at stake, yeah Chestnut he wants to exchange blows, we will do it for sure ”, he warned. “I am willing to box and I am mentally strong to go out with my hand up and be the undisputed champion. It’s a big opportunity for me and everything Texas“.

Jermell will put on the line the scepters of the WBA, WBC Y FIB, while Chestnut

faces the greatest opportunity of his entire career by putting the championship on the line OMB.

The one of Buenos Aires he was just crowned champion of the OMB after beating Patrick Teixeira in February of this year, and if he succeeds in defending the title, he will not only beat the strongest man in the division, but he will be the undisputed champion at 154 pounds.

Despite the golden opportunity, Charlo he has full confidence in ending his streak and fulfilling his dream of winning all the super welterweight belts.

“I want it more than he does. I’m hungrier, ”he pointed out. “We are the same type of fighter. We throw a lot of punches, maybe I a little less because I hit harder. But you know, my strength remains in the 12 rounds. Power will make all the difference to win. “

In the bets Charlo is favorite 2-1 over Chestnut to become the first undisputed super welterweight champion in the four belt era.

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