Lethal! Michael Bisping advises Conor McGregor to fire his coach

Michael Bisping.

The UFC expeller, Michael bisping, gave very strong advice to Conor mcgregor. After breaking his leg at UFC 264 last Saturday, his coach, John kavanagh, gave somewhat controversial statements. For this reason, the former British champion and now Mixed Martial Arts commentator did not remain silent and went out to the crossing immediately. For that, it was all the rage.

“I wasn’t worried at all, I was actually very, very happy. And he knew what he was going to say between rounds. I was just going to tell him to keep doing what he was doing with the kicks and try to close a little harder this time. So we’d be looking, instead of exchanging blows, to slide back and left hand like it did with Aldo. Look for these kinds of techniques, “he said. Kavanagh.

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At the 4:30 mark, everything is salsa. The energy looked good, the technique looked good. A few adjustments between rounds and I thought we were on our way to finishing there or at least moving on, keeping up the pace for the rest of the fight. John. Before that, Bisping He said, ‘It was a very, very unfortunate ending, probably lucky for Conor, Let’s be honest. Of course he was in the hospital, they operated on him.

They did not agree

But in terms of Conor mcgregor, in terms of the machine, the fan base it has and the narrative to turn the tables, just like its coach John kavanaghHe said, ‘Oh, I don’t care about anything. I knew that in the second round we would get the knockout. Nothing I was seeing there bothered me at all. If that’s true, John Kavanagh, Conor should fire you immediately because that was very worrying, “said the Briton.

To close, Michael bisping reported: ‘The kick to the leg was unfortunate but, as I said, it hits Mcgregor an excuse or reason why the fight ended. But if that didn’t happen, I mean, come on, the odds of him changing that round and finishing with Dustin in the second round, when Round 1 is supposed to be the best round of Conor, it was not good. It was not a good performance.

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