Long-awaited: historic Miesha Tate returns to the cage this Saturday at UFC Vegas 31

Miesha Tate.

On the night of next Saturday Miesha Tate will climb back into the cage in the UFC Vegas 31. The renowned and experienced fighter will once again be inside the most famous octagon in the world, in what will be the co-star of the event. In that sense, with Marion reneau in front of her, she will seek the completion that will once again place her among the best in the company.

On the media day of the event, Tate He told MMA Junkie, “He’s like that old friend you haven’t talked to in years, and you call him and you haven’t skipped a beat. You know, this is how I feel. I feel at home with this. It is very natural and I am happier to be here for a long time. Undoubtedly, he misses having the belt in his hands, which he knew how to take care of for several months.

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“I just had too much on my plate, and especially luggage that I didn’t really need. I needed to clear the things that were being taken from me as a person, as a human being. We are all human, and I think we have all been through difficult times in our life, right? So that was a really difficult moment for me, and I just needed to get away and regroup, and I identified it as with the sport, “he highlighted.

Complicated return

On the other hand, Miesha She maintained: “But to be honest, when I have taken this four year old off and look at it, I am more in love with the sport than ever. So it wasn’t that, it was just the mess of everything, and that included this sport, and when I had to walk away from toxicity, that meant I had to walk away from the sport as well, because I just didn’t do it. ‘ I don’t know how to untangle the knot, you know, until I’m out of it.

I think Marion is great. I really admire her. I think it’s very solid. I don’t think he has many holes in his game. She is a black belt in jiu-jitsu. He has that strong submission on Sara McMann, so awesome. He has a great submission on Jessica Andrade and stays in fights. You know, the fights he’s lost have always been very close. He has lost several divided decisions, “he closed Miesha Tate.

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