Made it back: Floyd Mayweather’s viral mockery of Conor McGregor for his fracture

Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd mayweather does not stop intimidating Conor mcgregor, whom he made fun of again in these hours for his fracture. The Irishman shockingly injured his left leg this past weekend in his trilogy with Dustin Poirier. After such a viral image, the legendary boxer took the opportunity to laugh at him for what happened to him in the most important cage in the world again.

Undoubtedly, after the bad time spent at the T-Mobile Arena, Mayweather is happy. Therefore, after having shared a photo of Conor sitting in an armchair, his foot totally out of place, now he did the same with another image. “Money” uploaded a post to Instagram of a McGregor doll inside a box, where you can see that his leg is not good at all.

Terrible! When can Conor McGregor fight again after the shocking injury?

McGregor’s thanks to the fans

“I want to thank all the fans around the world for their messages of support, I hope you enjoyed the show. I want to thank all the fans who attended the T-Mobile Arena, 21,800 fans in attendance. The place was absolutely electric. It was an incredible first round. It would have been good to enter that second round and then see what is what, “the former champion, the Irishman, highlighted in the networks.

Conor’s worst days

On Wednesday July 14 that happened, Conor mcgregor He had a birthday and his injury at UFC 264 did not let him celebrate as he would have liked. At any other time in his life, the Irishman could have lived this special day in some other way. But, thanks to the fracture he had in the trilogy with Dustin Poirier, on Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena, he was quiet and unable to do much.

Conor mcgregor was born on July 14, 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. Yesterday he turned 33 years of life, days after one of the worst moments that he has had to live. Despite having been defeated in multiple options, this 2021 will be a year to eliminate from your memories and calendar. In January, the Briton was knocked out for the first time in his career. Now, he’s injured like never before.

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram post.

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