Merciless: Jeremy Stephens threatened his rival before UFC Vegas 31

Jeremy Stephens.

Jeremy stephens will make a comeback in the UFC Vegas 31, so the previous one lives to the fullest. As usual, before the show takes place, he began to leave words for his next rival, Mateusz gamrot. Without a doubt, between them there are more than 25 fights apart. But, apparently in this sport, that might not be decisive. Faced with the youth of his opponent, he wanted to intimidate him with his sayings.

Speaking to the press on the media day leading up to Saturday’s event, Stephens He summed up the following about what’s to come in a few hours: “’When I push people, they don’t move,’ do you hear that, buddy? I mean, honestly, after the fight, after that happened, how I saw it, and like I really wanted to retweet it, but I didn’t, but it was fucking hilarious. “

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The human side of me was like, you know, that maybe I could have expected. But, you know, the primal side was like, ‘No, fuck that, bro. You broke protocol. It is thrown right in my face and touches my nose and nose, and to me, it was like disrespect, bro. I am presenting for a different reason. I was really showing up to give him a real shock on Saturday night, ”he said.

A tough man

At the same time, Jeremy He commented, “I mean, call it brutal, what it is, but you look at my tape of highlights. You know what I’m here to do, and for me, it was disrespectful. As if we could have had it. You know, he’s another guy that I feel like is going to want to take me down. It’s hard to plan the game against a guy who just throws bricks and shotguns at your chest and body and is also capable of defending takedowns.

You don’t give a damn, man. You have to go out and do your thing, but I never want to put that pressure on. I can only fight. I can discard. I have it naturally, you know? I know, but I know I want to win. I do not want to lose. The money is for my family, for my future, to play softball, to do their thing. I just want the damn victory. Just to stand on your body after I hit you. That is the victory, brother, “he concluded. Jeremy stephens.

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