National vs. Peñarol – Pre-Match – July 15, 2021

National vs.  Peñarol - Pre-Match - July 15, 2021

(EFE) – The most historic duel in Uruguayan football, the one that divides the country in two, loaded with glory on both sides with stale glasses that have not been raised in the international plane for years, will have its first edition in the South American Cup when National and
Peñarol meet in the first leg of the round of 16.

This Thursday’s game has soccer fans in Uruguay on edge, since they know that it will be key to their intentions to go to the next phase and leave a historical mark on the crosses since, although they met 44 times for international tournaments, this is the first time in the 21st century.

Although all the classics are different and in general there are no favorites for everything that is played in each confrontation, for this duel they arrive with oiled knowledge because they saw each other only two weeks ago, when Nacional beat Peñarol by 2 -0, also in the Great Central Park.

For this game, the tricolores are expected to put on the court a team with similar characteristics to the one that beat Peñarol on the ninth day of the Apertura Tournament, with Argentine striker Gonzalo Bergessio as their main offensive weapon. Who will not be able to play is his compatriot, Leandro Fernández, because he is suspended.

In addition, those led by Alejandro Cappuccio will have their jewel, the young Brian Ocampo, on the court, and the Argentine star Andrés D’Alessandro will wait on the bench.

Meanwhile, Peñarol will go to the Nacional stadium with the idea of ​​taking revenge from the local tournament and adding a victory that allows him to go calmly to the game in the Champion of the Century.

The coach, Mauricio Larriera, gave rest on the tenth date of the Apertura to his young scorer, Agustín Álvarez, who will start with Facundo Torres, the new Aurinegra jewel who offered very good minutes with the Uruguayan team in the Copa América.

Who can also go from the beginning is the Argentine Damián Musto, who played this Sunday in midfield alongside the also experienced midfielder Walter Gargano and did a very good job.

The only doubt for the aurinegro coach is the possible inclusion of Argentine striker Ariel Nahuelpán, who was strongly questioned months ago, but who in recent games has shown a noticeable improvement in his performance.

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