Santos vs. Independent – Party Report – July 15, 2021

Santos vs.  Independent - Party Report - July 15, 2021

(EFE) – With a goal from Kaio Jorge, the Brazilian Santos beat Independiente de Avellaneda 1-0, who resisted entrenched, supported by his goalkeeper, and gave up the attack until he was below the scoreboard, in the match first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana.

The Albinegro team, finalist of the last edition of the Libertadores, sweated and suffered to win a match that only unbalanced the young promise of Santista in the 69th minute, by taking advantage of a rejection of the Uruguayan goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa, the best of the King of Cups.

The 34-year-old goalkeeper prevented Falcioni’s team from being thrashed tonight in Brazil with several stops of merit and, with it, practically said goodbye to the Conmebol silver competition.

The Red Devils always settled for the draw and only woke up when they had the wind against them, but by then it was too late and now they will be forced to come back in a week in Argentina, if they want to go to the quarterfinals.

Santos took the initiative of the game from the first minute. Kaio Jorge returned with all the energy after several days off due to injury. The best partner in the center of the field was Jean Mota, especially inspired when it comes to distributing the game. Marinho also joined the cause with runs into space and shots from afar.

Between all of them they tied up an Independiente who, however, was not overwhelmed by the control of the Brazilians. If there is a strong point in Falcioni’s team, it is defense. Well organized, he left very few spaces in dangerous terrain, at least in the first half.

In attack he was less prolific. He bet everything on the counterattack, although every time the ball passed through Silvio Romero, the Argentines’ offensive beacon, his legs shook at the Brazilian rear.

The local coach, Fernando Diniz, began to get nervous in the technical area and asked his pupils for more intensity. Jean Mota took a note and tried it from afar. Kaio Jorge hit hard with his right leg, but Sosa blocked his shot in two halves.

The Uruguayan goalkeeper also thwarted a counterattack that Marcos Guilherme finished before the break. The chances accumulated in favor of the locals, but the goal still did not arrive.

In the second stage, Santos continued at the helm of the game. In the first minutes, he locked Independiente even more. Just a little bit of effectiveness was lacking. Impatience began to blossom among the players of the Albinegro team.

Sosa reappeared in a heads up with Pirani and moments later he stretched out with everything to deflect a frank header from Kaiky. It was a chance and a knockdown against his bow that Kaio Jorge finally materialized.

The Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez, who had started from the bench, connected with Marinho and the latter with Marcos Guilherme, who finished first. Sosa stopped the shot, but Kaio Jorge appeared in the rebound to make it 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Independiente woke up from his lethargy with the goal against. Goalkeeper Joao Paulo began to work piecemeal by disrupting two opportunities for Roa. Then Silvio Romero would see his goal annulled for offside and Moraes would cut a shot from Herrera in extremis.

Silvio Romero would try again at the last gasp, although once again Joao Paulo would guarantee the victory of Santos with another saving stop.

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