The 7 fights against Mexicans that defined Manny Pacquiao’s career

Las 7 peleas contra mexicanos que definieron la carrera de Manny Pacquiao

In a time, Manny pacquiao it was the terror of the Mexican boxers, who fell one after another, who could not stop the speed and the punching machine that was the Filipino at the peak of his career.

Here we share the seven fights of Manny pacquiao that made their mark against Mexican fighters in the Pac-Man career. PacquiaoThus, he earned the respect and affection of Mexican boxing fans.

1. Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez I

In 2004 Juan Manuel Marquez faced the Filipino for the first time, where there were two world titles at stake, that of the AMB Y FIB of 126 lbs. Pacquiao started as a typhoon, knocking down three times Marquez in the same first round.

The Mexican reacted, recovered, presented a fight, and took the fight to 12 rounds so that in the end the three judges did not coincide and a tie was decreed. That fight marked the beginning of the most iconic rivalry in the career of Pacquiao, who had to fight four times against Juan Manuel Marquez.

2. Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez IV

For 2012, and after three fights carried out, both boxers saw each other again on December 8 in The Vegas, Nevada. It was a fight full of heart and good boxing.

Marquez He warned from the third round that he was not going to let the Filipino go alive, by sending him one blow to the canvas. Pacquiao reacted and also gave his best blows, until the end of the sixth round, where the Mexican took advantage of an opponent’s entry to find him with a historic right that completely disconnected Manny pacquiao in an instant knockout, and an unpublished image.

3. Manny vs Erik Morales I

On March 19, 2005, Erik morales Y Manny pacquiao they had a memorable fight. The Mexican showed that with a brave and technical boxing it was possible to defeat the unbeatable Pac-Man who at that time was sowing terror.

Morales It was better and a unanimous decision was taken that had a profound effect on Pacquiao and in your work team. Even recklessly Morales he fought as a left-hander the last round. For Mexico, that of Morales

It is one of the greatest victories in the history of national boxing. He was the first of the Mexicans who could officially defeat Manny pacquiao at its best.

4. Pac-Man vs Erik Terrible Morales II

The fight took place on January 21, 2006 at the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada and this time the Filipino was able to avenge the defeat

Pacquiao he beat the Mexican boxer to the ground, who held out until the tenth round, before the referee stopped the fight by technical knockout.

5. Manny vs Oscar de la Hoya

In 2008, the Philippine world champion won by technical knockout in the eighth round the American Oscar de la hoya. It was a fight that confirmed Pacquiao like a wonder of nature.

Despite its limitations in weight and reach, Pacquiao gave a boxing chair, and incidentally a beating, to From the pot, who was unable to continue into the ninth round with his left eye completely closed.

6. Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito

This battle was for the super welterweight championship of the CMB which was held on November 13, 2010, at the stadium AT&T Stadium, on Arlington, Texas. Manny it went as far as an unthinkable division to overwhelm a considerably taller and bigger rival.

Margarito He received a beating by the Filipino, who fractured an orbital bone in his right eye, and still endured the twelve rounds, but ultimately beat him by unanimous decision.

7. Manny vs Marco Antonio Barrera

On November 15, 2003, Marco Antonio Barrera had his chance to face him in the Alamodome, on San antonio, texas.

The Mexican witnessed the speed of his rival who was a hitting machine who had no mercy on his enemy. The corner of Barrier he had to throw in the towel in round 11, as the boxer was severely beaten. Pacquiao, in his prime, he easily overpowered a fighter like Barrier, characterized by never giving anything away.

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