The spicy dialogue between Marcelo Gallardo and Gabriel Milito in River Plate vs. Argentinos Juniors

The spicy dialogue between Marcelo Gallardo and Gabriel Milito in River Plate vs.  Argentinos Juniors

River Plate and Argentinos Juniors played an intense match in the first leg of the last 16 of CONMEBOL Libertadores and from the other side of the lime line, Marcelo Gallardo and Gabriel Milito also had a spicy duel. ESPN F90 revealed in detail everything the coaches said to each other.

The review starts in the 65th minute, with a strong entry by Fabrizio Angileri on Jonathan Sandoval just off the left wing. From the Argentine bank the claim was heard: “Yellow, yellow.”

To which Gallardo replied: “If he went to the ball, brother, it was the ball, brother. What do you say yes, if he went to the ball?”

Milito replied: “Isn’t it yellow?”

Gallardo: “How yellow? Give it Gabi, if you’re next door.”

Ten minutes later came the second crossing, a bit more spicy, after Kevin Mac Allister’s hard blow on Nicolás De la Cruz, which earned the Bicho player a warning.

Gallardo came out to stop his colleague’s claims: “Stop Gabi, stop for a bit. Come on. I don’t want to listen to you anymore. I listened to you all night.”

And Milito didn’t like it at all: “But who the hell are you to tell me that? If you live complaining too. The only thing left is for you to tell me what I have to say. The only thing I lack. to ask your permission. “

Gallardo: “Take it easy, take it easy.”

Milito: “I’m calm.”

Gallardo: “You can’t tell.”

With the end of the game and despite the 1-1 draw that did not leave Gallardo happy, the Doll approached Milito to greet him and apologized. “I was wrong,” the River DT could be heard.

But Milito still had not lowered the revolutions and reproached him: “You also asked”

Gallardo: “I didn’t ask for any yellow ones,” he replied.

And Milito couldn’t help but remind the Doll what angered him the most: “You can’t tell me to shut up. You told me ‘I can’t take you anymore.’

To which Gallardo clarified: “I couldn’t stand you asking for yellow ones anymore,” he shook his hand and left with a smile.

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