“Wilder can put Andy to sleep, that’s why he doesn’t want to fight him”, considers Abel Sánchez

Andy Ruíz y Abel Sánchez

The Mexican Boxing Trainer Abel sanchez, I consider that Andy Ruiz does not want to face Deontay Wilder because there is a risk of knocking him out.

“He does not want to fight against Wilder”, He pointed Sanchez in an interview with FightHub. “He will be on his back and he will get hurt. Tyson fury it is a special talent. Andy Ruiz not yet. Wilder can do the same as (Chris) Arreola, but it will be 10 times more difficult and he will be asleep ”.

Ruiz I work with Sanchez, when he sought the heavyweight title of the OMB in December 2016 against Joseph Parker. However, the Mexican American fell by majority decision by cards of 115-113, 115-113 and 114-114.

In the last contest the former heavyweight monarch managed to defeat Chris arreola by unanimous decision by cards of 118-109, 118-109 and 117-110. In the first round, Arreola managed to connect to Ruiz who visited the mat, but rallied to win.

“I hope you continue to discipline with Eddy (Reynoso)”, He continued Abel sanchez. “Yes Eddy He manages to get everything out of him, I think a better fighter will make him. Right now, it is still marginal. In today’s boxing and sports, be it soccer, baseball or boxing, you can’t train for two months and then two months off and go out partying, get fat, and do it again. “

Andy returned this week to the gym of the Canelo Team on San Diego, California, looking to prepare for his next fight that he aims to take place in September.

Among the rivals he has in his sights are Joe joyce, interim champion of the CMB heavyweight, and the Cuban Luis Ortíz.

“He’s going to be back in the gym like Canelo”, He added. “Every time you see a fight of Canelo, is back in the gym next week. That is the modern athlete, that is what the athlete does. Yes Andy he does not choose it, then he will be the same Andy as always ”.

And this is not the first time that Abel criticize Andy, after he assured that he lacked ambition and that is why he had fallen in his second fight against Anthony Joshua.

“Without improvement, there is no development,” he mentioned. Sanchez. “It is not that difficult to hit him and it was not difficult to hit him in my gym. He has fast hands and great skills. Those two things will not make you world champion again. He caught Joshua in one night and had the best night he could get, and became a world champion. I hope you don’t think it will be that easy again. “

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