Decided! Jorge Lorenzo spoke and confirmed his future in MotoGP: “Life is not just a vacation”

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo He got back on a motorcycle this week, at an event for a brand that sponsors him. There he talked about various things with the fans who were able to be there and he was very happy to be back on a racing motorcycle. After almost a year without riding at high speed, the Spaniard made a decision about his possible return to MotoGP: “Life is not just a vacation.”

Lorenzo gave an interview to the Spanish medium and stressed that after long years of competition, the decision to retire at the end of 2019 was one of the best he made. At the moment, the five-time World Champion has no plans to be in the forefront of the competition again, even though he is old enough to do so.

Jorge Lorenzo got back on a motorcycle and thrilled his followers

“Luckily, I am a very self-sacrificing person and things have gone very well for me in life. I am grateful to my life for what it has given me and I don’t need to do great things to survive. Let’s say you might even do nothing. Obviously life is not just vacations, drinking and eating, you also have to have goals to achieve. Now I would like first to enjoy life, and then to be a good investor ”, commented Lorenzo.

Possible return

On the other hand, Lorenzo assured that he had contacts with Aprilia at the end of your relationship with Yamaha. With the Japanese brand, the relationship ended when the coronavirus pandemic left the Spanish almost without activity. “It is true that there has been a contact with Massimo rivola, to get to Aprilia. He’s a friend of mine since he was in Ferrari on the Formula 1. In a first approach they offered me to go with them as their pilot ”, said Lorenzo.

However, the agreement did not take place since neither party agreed on the economic issue. “I always had in my head that I wanted to be a tester. Aprilia and I have talked about being a test driver, but they didn’t want to invest as much to have a champion like me as a tester. Surely it costs more money to have a driver like me than a driver who hasn’t won that much. That is why in the end we did not reach an agreement ”, declared the Spaniard.

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