Fernando Alonso praised Formula 1 for the new racing format: “It’s good for sport”

Fernando Alonso

This Friday begins Grand Prix of Great Britain in the circuit of Silverstone, and with it begins the pilot test of the new format of the Formula 1, Sprint Races. That is why the exaltation of the fans is at the highest level. Fernando Alonso is one of those who spoke about it, and had no doubts about the news: “It’s good for sports”.

The Asturian hopes to return to the top positions after several years. In the last race he lost the chance after meeting with Sebastian vettel in the middle of the track, causing a great controversy. However, he showed that he is at a much higher level than he was when he left the category at the end of 2018.

Time and TV of the British Grand Prix of Formula 1

Alonso spoke with the media on Thursday at the Silverstone circuit and confirmed his expectations regarding the new format presented by the category this weekend. “I’m looking forward to qualifying at the sprint. The format change is good for the sport. We are all looking forward to seeing the result, and the fans are excited, ”he commented.

In addition, he added that “For teams and drivers it will make us change the focus of the weekend because we have few training sessions and after qualifying we will have the same car for the whole weekend. So the cars will not be maximized ”. Finally, Alonso was encouraged to analyze the Grand Prix with the new format, and made it clear that they must manage the sessions.

“We have to be aggressive on Saturday, but smart. Because any problem will make you come out last on Sunday. I’m sure we will give a show when we lower our visor, but it gives me the feeling that more than an isolated race, it will be the first part of Sunday’s race, ”Alonso said, according to the SoyMotor.com media.

Source: Official Twitter Fernando Alonso

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