Florentino calls de Figo “son of a pu …” and Guti as “subnormal”

Florentino calls de Figo "son of a pu ..." and Guti as "subnormal"

Throughout the week, the newspaper El Confidencail published more conversations with the president of Real Madrid, detonating Casillas, Raúl, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho

‘The confidential’ revealed new audios captured between 2006 and 2012 to the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, after he left the club, and on this occasion reveals harsh attacks on two of his former players, Guti and Luis Figo, who were together in the white club from 2000 to 2006.

It’s Figo who screwed up the locker room, he’s a son of a bitch… like Raúl. The two worst were Figo and Raúl ”, Pérez would have fired in an audio from 2012. As in other publications, the context of the entire conversation is not clear.

Figo is another important figure in Real Madrid who emerges as the central name in the leaked audios of Florentino Pérez. Throughout the week, the newspaper released more conversations by the president, first detonating Casillas and Raúl. In another, the targets were Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho.

The second target of his criticism revealed this Friday is Guti, who had been renewed in 2006 for the previous presidency, and left Real Madrid in 2010, a year after Florentino returned to the presidency.

“He’s a face, he’s like a goat (crazy), he’s his own worst enemy. It is well used to the Being for wanting to hire a moron. If he is a moron. And the Cope the same. He will leave them hanging, he will not go. The illusion that he has created with Guti … Trust Guti, you who know him as I do. Two matches. To think that you have to trust Guti with everything Guti has asked us ”, is heard in the recordings.

After the first leaks of the audios, Real Madrid issued an official statement regarding the statements. In the words of the president, Pérez confirms that it is him in the audios, but says they were taken out of context and obtained clandestinely.

Real Madrid released this Thursday a tweet that summarizes information from the Onda Cero program El Transistor that reveals the existence of blackmail to make Florentino Pérez’s tapes disappear in exchange for ten million euros.

According to this information, the conversations distributed this week by El Confidencial and that the club attributes to “conversations clandestinely recorded by Mr. José Antonio Abellán” had a previous chapter. The tweet released by Real Madrid is as follows:

“The Onda Cero Transistor reveals that Abellán had a meeting in 2011 with the vice president of the RM, Eduardo Fernández de Blas, at the Combarro restaurant, in which he blackmailed him by asking for € 10 million to make the illegally recorded audios disappear and manipulated ”.

For his part, the journalist José Antonio Abellán, in an interview with the Onze television program in Esport3, swore that he has never tried to sell those audios to anyone and that he has not leaked those conversations.


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