“I think Charlo will seek to knock me out with a single blow; but I can do the same ”, warns Brian Castaño

“I think Charlo will seek to knock me out with a single blow;  but I can do the same ”, warns Brian Castaño

Brian Castaño indicated that he plans to attack a dangerous Jermell charlo and that the fight could turn into a war in which both fighters seek to end in one fell swoop.

“I think you wait (Charlo) finish the fight with a big punch to knock me down, ”he said Chestnut to Boxing Scene. “But I can also knock him down with one hit. Anything can happen in boxing. We know. But what we have to be careful with is trying to avoid that big blow, avoid being hit in a very direct way.

Chestnut thinks that their qualities may be something that surprises I chatted.

“But you will be surprised at what I can do,” warned the Argentine. “If he expects me to, you know, stay there, take the hit and fall, he will be amazed at my characteristics and what I am capable of in the ring against him.”

It should be remembered that the Houston native has also produced impressive knockouts against championship-caliber opponents such as Erickson lubin

, Tony harrison Y Jeison Rosario.

“It will be my pleasure if you want to come to me. If you want to pressure me, it will be like, ‘Welcome to the jungle’, because I am going to welcome you and it fits perfectly in what I want to do, ”said the Argentine.

Charlo knows the type of fight he will have with Brian Castaño

CharloThe 31-year-old fully understands the magnitude of this moment in his career and knows that he must go through Castaño to be the unified super welterweight champion.

“I haven’t been in a fight where my life has been at stake to the extreme, you know. And if this is the time when I have to risk my life for my family, I am willing to take that risk. You know, it doesn’t matter what it costs. Yes Brian Castaño he wants to fight and he wants to fight, I am willing to fight. And if I have to box to win, I am smart enough to box to win, “he argued.

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