Lampe seeks revenge in Argentina, in the goal of Vélez Sarsfield

Lampe seeks revenge in Argentina, in the goal of Vélez Sarsfield

Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe opens a second cycle in Argentine football, this time as the custodian of the goal for Vélez Sarsfield of the first division of that country and with the aim of winning the acceptance of a “demanding” fan.

The link of the Bolivian “giant”, 1.93 meters high, with the Argentine team is for a year and a half something that comes to the 34-year-old goalkeeper in one of his best moments after a good performance in the last Copa América in Brazil despite the early elimination of their team.

In an interview with Efe, Lampe spoke of the good treatment he has received at the “Fortín” and how he has planned hAcquire “a small place” in the team and “contribute to the group”, something that in a certain way has a certain flavor of revenge.


The Bolivian team “gave me the possibility to show my conditions, that I am still very current, that I am in a very good level and it gives me the possibility of being able to come to Velez,” Lampe said.

Precisely his performances in the continental event against Chile, Uruguay and Argentina gave him the opportunity to sign abroad, something that had already happened to him after the 2016 Centennial Cup to go to the Chilean Huachipato and then to Boca Juniors.

Not “losing the line”, “having perseverance pass or pass” and work constantly to “turn around” adversity are the principles of this goalkeeper who for years has been an example of tenacity in the face of adversity for his country’s fans .

Despite the fact that many times the results have not been favorable for Bolivia, the Bolivian fans have recognized Lampe’s work before what the goalkeeper only has “words of thanks.”


Lampe arrived at Boca Juniors in 2018 after Esteban Andrada’s injury and as an alternative in the goal that at that time only had Agustín Rossi.

Although he did not play any game, Lampe remembers that the passage through Boca was “a dream”, that from the first moment he gave himself “to the maximum” in each training session.

He recalled the mark that Carlos Tevez left him with his gestures of camaraderie and his stories of experiences with world-renowned players and coaches.

Lampe considered that perhaps “I would not be in Vélez today if I had not passed through Boca” and that he is again willing to put “everything he touches” to defend his new team with honor.

“I am a suicidal goalkeeper, if I have to put my face I put it, I give myself to the maximum in each game,” said the goalkeeper who last semester played for Always Ready in El Alto in Bolivia.

The “giant” expressed his admiration for the mythical ex-archer of Vélez, the Paraguayan José Luis Chilavert, whom he considered “incomparable”, who called him as soon as he arrived in Argentina to wish him success in his new experience.


Lampe also referred to the meeting with the star Lionel Messi in the last Copa América and that walk embraced by both towards the dressing rooms after the end of the match that ended 4-1 in favor of Argentina.

“We congratulate each other, we wish each other all the best, I let him know that I wanted him to win the cup,” Lampe said.

The goalkeeper of the Bolivian national team did not praise Messi, whom he considers “a very humble person” and with whom he said he gets along “well” after several clashes between the two.

“It made me very happy that he won the (America) Cup, because he deserved it (…) seeing him raise that cup to Messi makes your skin crawl. I loved that Argentina was champion,” said the Bolivian .

Lampe will play in his third team outside of Bolivia after passing through Huachipato and Boca Juniors and after having defended the colors of several teams in Bolivia such as Bolívar, San José or Sport Boys in previous years.

“I’m going to do my best” since “the important thing is to be regular and leave everything on the court,” said the “giant” Bolivian.

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