Rugby is back in Buenos Aires! The preview of date 1 of the URBA Top 12

Rugby is back in Buenos Aires!  The preview of date 1 of the URBA Top 12

The URBA Top 12 returns after 651 days. Rugby Buenos AiresAfter presenting all kinds of protocols for the safe development of the activity, he returns with an action-packed Saturday. This Saturday the date 1 of the URBA Top 12 is disputed. Those televised will be SICPucara Y AlumniLos Tilos from 13:30 and 15:50 respectively, both live on ESPN 3. On the other hand, CUBA-San Luis, Newman-CASI, Hindu-Buenos Aires and Belgrano-Regatas at 15.30, they can be seen live on The last match had been the final played on October 5, 2019 between Belgrano and the SIC, which managed to establish itself in a definition that had to be stretched to the extension.

SIC vs. Pucara (Saturday at 1:30 p.m. live on ESPN 3)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The last champion puts his title on the line after two seasons, this time under the leadership of Santiago González Bonorino and Lucas Cilley. With some losses from the champion squad, such as De Miranda, García Peret, Granella, Gómez Fleitas, Moneta, Rizzato, Romero Basco and Soto, a new captain and leader will debut: Tomás Meyrelles. In Pucará, Gustavo Jorge continues to lead, accompanied by Conrado González Bravo, Nahuel Camargo and Gerardo Catania. Those of Burzaco suffered many absences in this period without competition. Cappiello, Comin, Dimcheff, Domínguez, Haurigot, Tomás Jorge, Lucas Latrónico, Jonathan Marchetta, Mensa, Montero, Parlatore, Romadetto, Santa Cruz and Scarlato are no longer from the 2019 team. For his part, Felipe Del Mestre, who was in the pipeline, had the confirmation and is the 13th player of Los Pumas 7’s in Tokyo for the Olympic Games.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The beginning of both formations will be a mystery, with the historical flags of each club, although with the logical lack of filming for not playing for a long time for the points. The two arrive with an important replacement, so it will be seen as the dates go by what they will be for. In the SIC, the champion’s pair of drivers, Soares Gache and Lamas, while Burzaco, Sosa, Kelly, Paz, Fiocca, Urriza and Buckley are the ones who continue in the First to start a new stage.

BACKGROUND: They played the semifinals in 2019 and the SIC took it, by 20 to 13. In the regular stage there were also triumphs of the trench, 22 to 20 and 11 to 6. Pucará’s last victory was in 2018 by 39 to 21.

Alumni vs. Los Tilos (Saturday at 3:50 p.m. live on ESPN 3)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Santiago van der Ghote and Nahuel Neyra follow as heads and coaches, from a staff that also includes Rodrigo Jiménez Salice, Lucas Chioccarelli, Diego Wade, Diego Lamelas and Sebastián Yavícoli. They will not have the openings of the 2018 champion, Joaquín Díaz Luzzi and Lucas Frana. Neither will Gaspar Baldunciel, the mainstay of the winning pack after 17 years. For its part, Los Tilos returns to the top category after the great campaign with which it rose from First A in 2019, surpassing 100 points in the standings. Ramiro Bernal continues as Head Coach, with a large group of collaborators that also include Leonardo Fioravanti, Eduardo Valiente and Alejandro Liotard, among others.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: With a majority of renewal in the pack, those from Tortuguitas want to be protagonists again. Tobías Moyano and Mariano Romanini appear as references among the forwards, while several leaders continue in the backs such as Cubilla, Provenzano, Sábato, Desanto, Battezzati (captain) and Wade. In Los Tilos, there will be several to follow closely, such as Mateo Tuculet, Bautista Santamarina, Felipe and Manuel Puertas, in a squad that also lost several players from last season.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2016, when Alumni managed to beat Los Tilos on both wheels by 52 to 34 and 32 to 3. Those from La Plata have not won since 2001, when they won by 20 to 18.

CUBA vs. saint Louis (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: With the leadership of Tomás Cóppola, Agustín Benedit and Federico Sala, Universitario begins a new stage after the memory of the last tournaments played, where they had to maintain the highest category in the playoffs against Los Tilos and Olivos. Meanwhile, San Luis will have Luciano Lazzarini in the driver’s seat, accompanied by several former players such as Hernán Nieto, Agustín Notti, Agustín Nadalich, Ignacio González and Ignacio Oscos.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In CUBA there was a great change, although the most striking news came from the returns of Lucas Ponce and Lucas Piña, two great leaders of the Villa de Mayo club. SLAR champion scrum half Rafael Iriarte will have his great opportunity as a driver in Superior. The pack highlights the return of Benito Ortiz de Rozas, after a serious injury. On the other hand, the Maristas will no longer have two historic drivers, the successful media couple that made up Gregorio del Prete and Felipe Campodónico. With a lot of youth, the names of Ruesta, Barbier, Cúccolo, Gnecco, Alan and Rodrigo Oubiña appear as the most experienced to lead the way.

BACKGROUND: In 2019 they took one match each: CUBA won in the second round, by 41 to 34, while San Luis did it in the initial by 37 to 29.

Newman vs. ALMOST (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: In the Cardenal, Alfredo Cordone, Javier Urtubey and Marcelo Torres continue to lead the staff, after the last tournament where they were left out of the semifinals on the last date, in that remembered draw against CUBA. Without major absences from the squad, Benavídez’s men will seek to maintain the prominence of the last decade. For its part, the Academy did not have great memories regarding the results of the last two years. Since 2020, Patricio O’Reilly assumed as leader of a new staff. There are several players who will no longer be, including two who stood out in the SLAR, Santiago Martín and Nicolás Roger.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The cast of Benavídez kept the base, without regretting too many casualties. The historical ones, Gutiérrez Taboada, Gosio, Brandi, the Urtubey will follow and there will be the opportunity to see Daireaux, Ulloa and de la Vega, players who until recently made up the different teams of the UAR (Jaguares XV and Pumas 7’s). At CASI, there were many changes with respect to the 2019 squad. Benito Paolucci has been the captain since last year, a historic one like Agustín Figuerola, Gerónimo Prisciantelli and Tomás Bernasconi, champions with Jaguares XV, will be figures to watch in the tournament.

BACKGROUND: It’s been two years since the San Isidro team can’t beat Newman. Between 2018 and 2019, the Cardinal won the four games they played (42-21, 28-26, 29-8 and 39-14). The last victory of the Academy was in 2017 by 25 to 19.

Hindu vs. Buenos Aires (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: As in every beginning of the season, Hindú is emerging as one of the great protagonists of the tournament. With Francisco Fernández Miranda, Juan Ignacio Gauthier, Hernán Senillosa, Pablo Henn, Diego Liberato and Francisco López Poch on staff, Don Torcuato’s team is looking forward to the start of the contest, with a large squad and the return of several figures. In 2019 they were semifinalists, since in that instance they lost to Belgrano Athletic. On the other hand, Buenos Aires returns to the Top 12 after the celebrated promotion of the last date in Primera A against San Fernando. With Nicolás De Gregori and Gonzalo Camacho in the lead, the staff is completed with Diego Schon, Joaquín Vido, Pope Zech, Pedro Roldán, John Harrison, Carlos Luthard, Juan García Iturralde, Javier Rodríguez, Gonzalo Mosi and Maxi Weil.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Hindu there are not many mysteries. Belonging for the jersey with a common goal, the vocation to play from all sides. With Santiago Fernández, the captain, Belisario Agulla, Lucas Camacho, Gonzalo Delguy and Ignacio Martínez Sosa as the most experienced, the lack of an official competition for the UAR teams gave them back key players in any structure. Lautaro Bavaro, Martín Cancelliere and Carlos Repetto returned to the Elephant as luxury reinforcements. It was difficult for Biei to rearm the squad after the pandemic. The removal of the descents will allow them to settle at a level that they have not accessed for a long time and that will surely require a time of adaptation.

BACKGROUND: They have not faced each other in First Division since 2013, when they played in the opening round of Group I. By the fourth date of that season, Hindú won 36-5.

Belgrano Athletic vs. Regattas (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The last runner-up continues with the same structure of 2019, with Guillermo Tramezzani as Head Coach and the rest of the satff shared by the Gradin family, with Luis, Diego and Francisco. For Virrey del Pino’s team it was a long wait, especially due to the number of players who left the squad at this time: Blanco, Bruno, Camardón, Gorrissen, Guayta, Gómez Di Nardo, Landó, Masera, Migale, Olivari and Rebussone are some of the names that will no longer be in the Brown. On the Bella Vista side, the team of collaborators from the higher divisions will be led by Pablo and Francisco Camerlinckx, with Matías Fernández Gill, Torres Picasso, Cicarelli, Lorenzo and Monopoli among a large group of coaches.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Belgrano they want to continue on the path they traced in the last tournaments, which led them to get a title to end the drought that had occurred since 1968. In 2019, they narrowly escaped against SIC, with a drop in the supplementary of Joaquin Lamas. Meanwhile, in Regattas the objective of the last campaigns was focused on consolidating itself in the Top 12. This year with no decreases in sight, the new litters will have time to show their full potential and make it available to the team.

BACKGROUND: In 2019 they played two very even matches: in the first round, Regatas surprised as a visitor and won 35 to 22. While in the rematch in Bella Vista, Belgrano took it, by 19 to 15.

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