Sebastian Vettel’s moving tribute to Reutemann: “Goodbye Carlos”

Sebastian Vettel

This week is very special for the world of Formula 1. The Grand Prix of Great Britain started this friday. However, everyone is still very shocked by the sad passing of Carlos Reutemann. The Argentine, runner-up in 1981, is considered a champion without a crown. This is why some tributes were seen in the paddock, in which the one from Sebastian Vettel: “Goodbye Carlos”, put ‘Seb’ on his helmet.

The German driver is a huge fan of the golden days of Formula 1 and he often shows it with his attitudes. A few months ago he bought a Williams that belonged to Nigel Mansell And every time there is an exhibition with a vintage car, the four-time World Champion is present to enjoy the noise of the engines.

The Formula 1 British Grand Prix started

This fanaticism led Vettel not to forget the figure of Reutemann. As part of the British Grand Prix, the German presented his helmet. Nobody understood the reason for the presentation, since the design it showed was the usual one at each GP. However, he showed a small detail: “Goodbye Carlos”, put Vettel on the helmet, saying goodbye to the Argentine idol.

Reutemann in Formula 1

Throughout his sporting career, Reutemann collected 12 victories, 6 pole positions, 6 lap records and the incredible mark of 45 podiums in 146 Grands Prix. However, he carries a backpack that will weigh him down forever: he could not be world champion. A controversial decision in 1981 by Frank williams, his boss at that time, forbade him to beat his partner and be champion.

Reutemann was a pilot of Brabham, Lotus, Ferrari and Williams. At Ferrari he was the one who replaced Niki Lauda, after the accident of 1976 German Grand Prix. A year later he achieved a victory with the Italian team, as Lauda’s teammate. In addition to the 1981 runner-up, he achieved three third positions in his 10 years in Formula 1.

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