Valtteri Bottas wants to continue at Mercedes and is already putting pressure: “It’s my goal”

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas He came to the British Grand Prix with a lot of pressure on his shoulders. The Finn must show that he is at the height of being able to continue in the team Mercedes, since several media had assured that this weekend it would be confirmed that he would leave the team. However, this was discarded and now Bottas has one last life: “Is my objetive”.

Several European media assumed that Valtteri Bottas would not renew with the Mercedes team, and that the announcement of the arrival of George Russell at the end of the year it would be confirmed this weekend. However, Russell himself confirmed that this weekend no announcement was going to be made about his future in the category and even sent messages to Red bull Y Williams.

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For his part, Bottas does not hesitate for a second, and is already talking about the possibility of continuing with Mercedes. “Is my objetive. I want to keep my seat on the team. I think that at Mercedes we are a strong team right now. I always try to be positive and what I want is to continue with Mercedes. I think it is the best place to win and place for the title ”, he highlighted.

On the other hand, he also spoke of the possibility of being able to change teams in the category, something that had been rumored a few weeks ago. Some media assume that Bottas will replace Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa Romeo team, although Bottas does not speak of any equipment in particular. “If that happens (leaving Mercedes), it would be a new chapter in my career. Most likely, he was not in the fight for the title. It would be a new project for me, which would also be very interesting, “he added.

Bottas in 2021

So far, the Finn has not been able to achieve the result he was hoping for. So far this year, Bottas has not achieved any victories for the Mercedes team and he is not helping Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the title. The Finn is fifth in the drivers’ championship, behind Lando norris Y Czech Pérez.

Source: Official Twitter Mercedes AMG F1

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