Belgrano found his way in the second half and beat Regatas 45-15

Belgrano found his way in the second half and beat Regatas 45-15

The long-awaited return of Buenos Aires rugby could finally come true, and to Belgrano started on the right foot after beating Regatas by 45 to 15 at home on the first date of the URBA Top 12.

With the field empty and without the color of the public, the runner-up won at home after having started with good attacks, but without being able to specify them. The set of Bella Vista, meanwhile, defended and was solid to prevent the passage of Belgrano.

Near the end of the first half of the match, Regatas managed to get out of his 22 and convert from the hand of Felipe Camerlinckx, who made his debut and managed to give his team the first try of the match. An ideal day for the player from the 2002 litter of the visiting team. Both teams went to halftime with a partial result of 17 to 15.

For the second part, Belgrano did not stay with the performance they had had, and reaffirmed its power in contact and was effective when attacking. Different was the situation of Regattas that did not manage to overcome the half court nor sustain the solid defense that he showed in the first stage.

The blue card that began to be implemented this year made its first appearance. At 25 minutes, the front row Enrique Sciandro, had to leave the field after a strong blow, and the referee, Ramiro Pacheco he did not hesitate to apply the new regulations.

The desire to play on the part of both teams was notorious. The locals bet on their fort, the scrum, and the players who are still betting on repeating the 2016 title, such as captain Tomás Rosati who has his first time at the head of the team.

The situation of the whole of Bella Vista is different, as started with new players like Juan Cruz Corso and Agustín Medrano, and they bet on a young team which still has several dates to be able to deploy its game. This time it was not enough, and the strength of Belgrano managed to stay with the debut of the URBA Top 12 2021 by 45 to 15.


BELGRANO ATHLETIC (45): 1. Francisco Ferronato, 2. Ignacio Favre, 3. Justo Durañona, 4. Rodrigo Fernández Criado, 5. Juan Zavalla, 6. Joaquín de la Serna, 7. Augusto Vaccarino, 8. Agustín Roca, 9. Juan Ignacio Marino, 10. Tomás Rosati ©, 11. Santiago Carroll, 12. Fermín Martínez, 13. Tomás Teglia, 14. Martín Arana, 15. Tobías Bernabé.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Luis, Diego and Francisco Gradín.

Changes: ST – 8´ Adolfo Martínez for Juan Zavalla, 11´ Nicolás Spinelli for Santiago Carroll, 19´ Lisandro García Dragui for Justo Durañona, 26´ Juan Rodríguez for Juan Ignacio Marino, 26´ Joaquín Moro for Agustín Roca, 34´ Tobías Beato by Martín Arana, 36´ Mateo Etchecoin by Francisco Ferronato.

BELLA VISTA REGATAS (15): 1. Nahuel Sava, 2. Pedro García Colinas, 3. Esteban Sciandro, 4. Ignacio García Sanabria, 5. Tomás Sanguinetti, 6. Agustín Medrano, 7. Lucas Barrera, 8. Felipe Camerlinckx, 10. José de la Torre, 11. Enrique Camerlinckx, 12. Juan Cruz Corso, 13. Alejo Barrera, 14. Felipe Torreguitar, 15. Cruz Camerlinckx ©.

Coaches: Pablo Camerlinckx.

Changes: ET- Francisco Pisani by Enrique Camerlinckx. ST – 4´ Marcos Ferro by Pedro García Colinas, 25´ Brian Ortíz by Esteban Sciandro.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 19´ Penalty Try (B), 23´ Penalty by José de la Torre (R), 26´ Try by Augusto Vaccarino (B), 36´ Try by Felipe Camerlinckx converted by José de la Torre (R ), 38´ Try by Felipe Torreguitar (R), 45´ Try by Santiago Carroll (B).

Partial result: Belgrano 17-15 Regattas

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2´Try by Francisco Ferronato converted by Tomás Rosati (B), 7´ Try by Juan Ignacio Marino converted by Tomás Rosati (B), 26´ Penalty try (B), 29´ Try by Tobías Bernabé converted by Tomás Rosati (B).

Final result: Belgrano 45 – 15 Regattas.

WARNED: PT – 19´ Nahuel Sava (R). ST – 45´ Fermín Martínez (B).

COURT: Belgrano Athletic.

REFEREE: Ramiro Pacheco.

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