Brian Castaño and what his fight with Charlo represents for the history of Argentine boxing

Brian Castaño y lo que su pelea con Charlo representa para la historia del boxeo argentino

Brian Castaño will have the possibility to engrave his name among the highest rungs in the history of Argentine boxing when he faces this Saturday Jermell charlo, in a fight where all four world title belts at 154 pounds will be at stake.

For Argentine and Latin American boxing, an unprecedented opportunity is coming. For the first time, a Latin American could reach the total unification of world titles in a boxing category.

In historical terms, what does the opportunity in front of him represent for Brian Castaño? To contextualize and put in dimension, LEFT PUNCH he consulted the analysis of two Argentine boxing specialists.

If it does not end in a tie, the lawsuit that will be held on Saturday in San Antonio will melt the super welterweight belts, versions CMB, AMB, OMB Y FIB, in a single absolute monarch.

Chestnut holds the scepter of the World Boxing Organization, since he took it from Patrick Teixeira, on February 13. The brawl ended by unanimous decision for the Argentine.

Chestnut easily beat Teixeira.

For its part, Charlo carries with him the awards of World Boxing Council, the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation.

For Carlos Irusta, Castaño is facing a great achievement, but not the most important

Carlos Irusta, a prestigious journalist and boxing analyst, divided the importance of the duel and the number of titles at stake. Under his magnifying glass, when assessing the opportunity to Brian Castaño Faced with the history of Argentine boxing, not only belts should be counted. For the teacher Irusta, the assessment must be qualitative and not quantitative.

“I do not know if it is the most important fight in Argentine boxing,” he began. Irusta, exclusively for LEFT PUNCH. “If it is due to the number of titles, yes. Obviously, the biggest and most important in history, because there are four titles, but not only are the titles worth, but the boxers ”.

To the vision of Carlos Irusta The distance covered by each boxer and the opponents with whom he composes his record is also predominant, at the time of the initial stroke.

Jermell charlo, so far, cannot be rated next to Floyd mayweather or from Oscar de la hoya. It is not on the list of the 10 best in the world, for example. So, if it is by number of titles, yes. That way, Omar Narvaez would be more than Carlos Monzon“Continued the analyst.

Jermell Charlo, super welterweight champion
Jermell charlo with all his belts.

Irusta it is emphatic that it takes more than counting titles to measure what happens this Saturday.

“If the title is what gives importance, yes”, confirmed the columnist of ESPN. “Then there are other factors. Tour, rivals, a lot of other things. It is very difficult to be sure. It would be like asking if it’s better Messi or Maradona, only for titles won with the Argentine National Team ”.

The journalist is cautious and does not believe that this is the time to make a historical assessment of that fight. For him, what comes next on the road for one or another fighter is what will end up putting this fight in its historical right place.

“The title is very important. But, behind the title, are the rivals and the sporting career. If it is for unification, this fight is the most important of all. Now, if it is due to historical importance … We cannot know that now, “synthesized the program’s host. Ring Side. “A) Yes Brian Castaño I won by knockout in the first round, and in the rematch I won again by knockout, the issue is how the story continues, not how it begins ”, analyzed the 73-year-old man. “This is so, really. It is very difficult to evaluate something until it is finished ”.

The fight will return Argentina to the place it deserves in boxing, according to Toro Domínguez

Marcelo “Toro” Domínguez, a historical Argentine boxing, and who knew how to be world cruiserweight champion, meets the family of Brian Chestnut for a considerable time. You know how inexhaustible you are in your struggle for success.

“I saw Brian Castaño since its inception, “he said Dominguez, in communication with LEFT PUNCH. “Seeing where he is today is a terrible joy for me. I enjoyed watching him fight from amateur, watching him move up to professional. I know him and his father. I know how they fought it. They were made from below. They were tireless in not abandoning the dream, they were looking for everything to do what they could and get there. That, seeing the two of them, gives me a lot of happiness. It makes me happy. I know what it is like to get there, what it costs and what you have to work on ”.

Brian with Carlos, his dad and coach, and his brother Alan.

In order to Marcelo Dominguez, that he Boxi fulfilling its objective of unification is a great step for Argentina to once again be a protagonist in the boxing business.

“For Argentina, it is a very important door in these moments of boxing,” he said. Dominguez. “To achieve this would be to put Argentina back in a place that it should never have lost. Importantly, that an Argentine achieves this for all of Latin America, it is not by chance ”.

In order to Dominguez, the fact that Brian Castaño Preparing in the United States is an important factor so that few things are foreign to you.

“I hope that Brian have all the chances, and take advantage of your possibilities. Know how to distribute the work well. Knowing how he was working there (in the United States), seeing with the people who did it, I understand that he is in a position to reach the top ”, said the now boxing coach.

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