From 11th to 5th in a lap: Fernando Alonso’s start at the British GP that impresses the world

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso was the great protagonist of the first sprint race in the history of the Formula 1. The two-time World Champion started from 11th position and had a more than complicated classification ahead of him. However, with the magic that characterizes it, Spanish managed to start in a big way this weekend, in the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

The Asturian caused great nostalgia in the fans after a spectacular start. Alonso started 11th, just behind Sebastian vettel, with whom he starred in a controversy in the Austrian Grand Prix. However, the start of both was very clean and Alonso quickly took the lead. The two-time champion’s career had just begun.

Max Verstappen took pole position in the Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Not only did he overtake Vettel, but on the outer side of the track he got ahead of Carlos Sainz and of George Russell, which touched. Alonso was already eighth, but he was going for more since they were both ahead Mclaren from Lando norris Y Daniel Ricciardo. The Spanish did not hesitate for a second and also overtook them, always with spectacular maneuvers.

Minutes later, Czech Pérez he made a huge mistake, which made him stay in the last positions. Alonso was already fifth, and he was looking for the riders up front to make a mistake that would give him a chance for a podium. Max verstappen Y Lewis hamilton they were about to touch, but both were able to avoid the friction giving another great battle.

Little by little, the tires of Alonso’s car were losing performance and this began to relegate him. The first to overtake him was Norris, who was looking to start tomorrow’s race well ahead. Minutes later, in a good battle, Daniel Ricciardo did the same. However, behind was Sebastian Vettel, who was approaching dangerously. Alonso defended himself very well and was able to hold the seventh position, which is worth gold.

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