Leandro Paredes: “As Argentines, we all wanted to achieve the title with the National Team”

Leandro Paredes: "As Argentines, we all wanted to achieve the title with the National Team"

The final dreamed of with Brazil ended at the Maracana, the Argentine National Team was crowned champion of the Copa América after 28 years of drought and everyone looked at them and went to hug him: Lionel Messi. Hand in hand with SportsCenter, Leandro Paredes had the explanation for that: “As Argentines, we all wanted Messi to win the title with the National Team.”

“To have achieved that, for him to be happy and to be involved, it was something beautiful,” added the midfielder.

But also, Paredes, Neymar’s partner at PSG, revealed to the ESPN newscast the post-match talk they had with the Argentine captain and the Brazilian star: “We talk much more about life, than about football or the final itself.”

“We enjoyed that talk. They are both world stars and that they sit on the ladder to talk about life, it is something beautiful.”

Regarding the meaning of the title obtained in Brazil, Paredes says that it has not yet “fallen”, but believes that “it will take a few years” for them to realize “really what they achieved.”

“To be champions against Brazil in Brazil, it was something incredible.”

On whether this achievement has already put their heads in the Qatar World Cup, the midfielder was cautious: “This gives a very big clean and jerk, but we have many qualifying games ahead.”

Asked about the union of the establishment, Paredes did not doubt it: “It is the best group that I had to join.”

“It is a fantastic group, of incredible people, of players of the highest level. We enjoyed 45 days together and we crowned that with the title.”

As a benchmark of the squad, the player who emerged in Boca Juniors especially highlighted one of the players who joined this last stage in Argetnina.

“It’s easy to say Cuti (Cristian Romero) or Draw (Emiliano Martínez) today, because it is clear what they demonstrated. But the one who surprised me a lot was Licha Martínez. I love him as a player and I hope he continues to grow because he has a lot in front”.

Paredes also highlighted the work that Lionel Scaloni has been doing, who was questioned many times about the way in which he arrived at the selector position and his lack of previous achievements.

“He has little experience, but he has shown that he is a great coach. It just started, but it sure will have a lot of good things ahead of it. “

Regarding his objectives in the short-term future, the midfielder proposes with the National Team “to classify Qatar, which is the most important thing.

And for PSG and its renowned reinforcements: “Trying to win all the titles that are played in the country and fight for the Champions League again, we were close to two years.”

Finally, regarding the comparison of the level of play between the Eurocup, which crowned Italy, and the America’s Cup, Paredes said: “I have no doubts, we have a team and a roster to compete with anyone. We have a very good quality of players and if you add to that the desire they have to defend this shirt, we will surely compete against anyone “, he closed.

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