Sprint races: 5 keys to understanding the new Formula 1 competition

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This weekend will be very particular for fans of the Formula 1. The premiere of the Racing (or Classification) Sprint will begin for the first time in the history of the category. This new format will have several keys, very different from what any usual race in recent years has accustomed us to.

The Grand Prix of Great Britain It will be the site chosen by the category to be able to test this new format, which has action in three days. This Friday there was classification, although the statistics do not count the pole obtained by Lewis hamilton. Friday’s results decided the starting grid for this Saturday’s race.

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The keys to understanding the race

In the first instance, it must be clear that the winner of this Saturday’s race will not count for the record. For example: if Lewis Hamilton achieves the victory, he will have 101 poles, since the final race this Sunday will be the one that counts for the statistics. The sprint race will have details never seen before for fans.

Unlike other races, the starting grid will be determined by Friday’s test. That is to say that Lewis Hamilton will start ahead. The race will have 17 laps, since it is the approximate to the total 100 kilometers of a usual Grand Prix. The estimated duration will be half an hour, as long as the weather is good.

In addition, drivers will not be required to stop in the pits, as long as they have no damage to their cars. Only the first three places will get points for the championship (3 for the first, 2 for the second and 1 for the third) and there will be no champagne, although there will be a crown of laurels, as in the 70s. Finally, today’s results will define the start of tomorrow’s race, which will be the same as all the other GPs.

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