The Pumas beat Wales 33-11 and ended the July window undefeated

The Pumas beat Wales 33-11 and ended the July window undefeated

The Pumas beat Wales 33-11 and ended their July international series with two wins and one draw.. Was the Argentina’s first win against a Tier 1 European team with Mario Ledesma as Head Coach.

Under intense heat, Argentina was generally superior to its rival, and had it not been for a few inaccuracies, it could have gained a superior advantage. Playing with great intensity and showing their best face in relation to this July window, Los Pumas dominated the actions during the first half, beyond starting at a disadvantage on an Owen Lane try, after a good Welsh counterattack.

The beautiful conquests of Matías Moroni and Tomás Cubelli they marked the way for those captained by Julián Montoya to go to rest up, 17 to 8, with a result with little flavor, taking into account the superiority during much of the first half.

In addition, the game lost in intensity and the errors in the handling were distributed between both selected. Without clear try situations by either team during much of that stage, and beyond having an extra man for the yellow to Amos (air tackle to Santiago Carreras), the score would only be altered by intermediate of three penalties from Nicolás Sánchez.

The prize for the albiceleste effort would arrive in the closing, con the pure power conquest of Pablo Matera, which would leave definitive figures (33-11) to a match that should have been defined much earlier. A separate point is the great level shown on the court by the chosen best player of the match, Rodrigo Bruni, which since his debut in Los Pumas against Ireland in 2018, has been gaining a place in the Argentine third row.

With the positive result as a salient point, Los Pumas smiled again at Wales in Cardiff, following their last win in November 2012. It was the closing to a July window without defeats, but with several aspects to continue improving for the next commitment of the season: the Rugby Championship 2021.

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