Coaching: from Federer’s rejection of Tsitsipas’s request

Coaching: from Federer's rejection of Tsitsipas's request

The question posed as to whether or not tennis coaching should be approved is an issue that has generated controversy for decades. While Roger Federer spoke out against it two years ago, Stefanos Tsitsipas did so in favor in the last hours.

“I think that we should not have coaching in tennis. I know that some people are completely on my side, although there are also others who think the opposite because most sports do. I think this is what makes our sport different in a certain way: the player must find the solution in his own way and know how to deal with the moment. I am against on-court coaching in any way, except for rain breaks and the game is postponed to the next day. Honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary “, said the Swiss, 39 years old and currently number 9 in the world, in the Wimbledon 2019 preview.

Sharing the same thought of the twenty-time tournament champion Majors, the former British tennis player Tim henman, who was 4 of the ATP circuit and lifted 11 trophies in his career, argued: “I have spoken with 30 retired players on the subject and none of them support it. One of the most important points of difference in tennis is that it is a one-on-one gladiator sport. Also, I think it would be unfair to the lower ranked tennis players, who may not have a coach or the right one. “

For his part, the young Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime (15th) reaffirmed the position of his colleagues in 2020 through his social networks: “He kills with the essence of tennis, which is finding the solutions on his own.”

On the sidewalk in front the Greek recently stood Tsitsipas (4th), who was forceful with his point of view: “The sport needs to accept this. It has to be made legal. It is time for tennis to take a step forward.”

The Hellenic kept the line of the historical Spanish Alex Corretja, former racket two on the planet and owner of 17 titles in his record: “The referee does not have to be on the court to police the coaches and see if they say something to their players. As long as this is controlled, it would be fine., because we would end that feeling of persecution of the coaches as if they were almost criminals “

Serbian Novak Djokovic, leader of the ATP ranking, last year made an Instagram live with the Italian Fabio Fognini (31st), who stated that it is one of the aspects that he would like to change in the regulation, and was ambivalent: “I am divided on this, because I believe that coaching already exists in tennis. It happens in the stands always. The thing is whether the judge allows it or not. Many coaches use words or signals. Coaching should be official, but I’m not in favor of the whole world listening to it. People can manipulate what you say and get it to your opponent giving him an advantage. “

“I would not like coaching to be approved, because it has been like that for a long time, in which we have been perfectly without it, and it should stay that way. What would change is that the coach can sign or say something from his chair and not receive a penalty for it. I think it would be very good and everyone would accept them, “concluded the Austrian Dominic Thiem (6th).

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