In a dramatic fight and with uneven cards, Brian Castaño and Jermell Charlo tie

En pelea dramática y con tarjetas disparejas, empatan Brian Castaño y Jermell Charlo

In a memorable fight and with very uneven cards, Jermell charlo Y Brian Castaño they tied Saturday night in San Antonio, leaving the total unification of 154 pounds undefined.

One of the judges saw a draw at 114, while another saw win to Charlo, 117-111; the third saw win Chestnut closed 114-113. That’s how uneven the official cards were. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Chestnut, 116-112.

The history of the fight can be summed up with Brian Castaño looking to put Jermell charlo on the ropes and attack him. There, on that ground, is where it shone the most Chestnut and where he was most vulnerable Jermell charlo in combat.

The fight started with a very cautious round. Chestnut feint and feint and feint, trying to Charlo opens up, and in the few times it does, Chestnut manages to land a couple of solid shots. The Argentine set the tone for his fight plan, trying to Charlo open so he could get into the guard and close the distance.

However, the punch of Jermell charlo it was always there, throughout the fight as a latent threat. In the second round, that became clear, because when the Argentine tries to pressure Charlo, he encountered a kickback hook that goes dry. Charlo shook Chestnut. The American tried to go for it, but Chestnut recovers on the ropes. The Argentine feels the blow, and is much more cautious, and even fearful the rest of the round.

But on the Argentine side there was also power and punch. Y Brian Castaño answered in the third. The Argentine twice arrested Charlo against the ropes, and it hurts him at the end of the round. Charlo it is covered and supported for a few seconds until the campaign sounds. But finally, Chestnut he had found a way to shorten the distance after suffering the whole round. The fight of Charlo It was in the center of the ring, fighting far away and on that ground he missed blows to Chestnut. finally, the Argentine managed to get into the short field and shake up Charlo.

In the fourth round, Chestnut He found the distance, and the rhythm. Manages to connect to Charlo that stays the whole round on the ropes. That was the terrain where Chestnut he looked more dominating, away from the center and against the ropes. The Argentine combines down and up, puts Charlo to cover his body and that is where he takes advantage to finish off the head. Charlo he stays the whole round on the ropes, Chestnut cuts off the ring, does not let him out. At times danger was perceived, because Charlo seemed to set the trap of letting Chestnut settle down, then surprise him on the backlash.

In the fifth round, Charlo it manages to dominate because it sets in motion. It is in the center of the ring, where it is clear that the American where he dominates the fight, and where he does not leave Chestnut show off. Charlo sets the jab and sets Chestnut in caution. But when Brian really concentrates on cutting the ring, gets to Charlo on the ropes and there he is dominating. On the short ground, Chestnut combines quickly and explosively. Manages to corner Charlo in the last half minute of the round, and he connects it.

When we get to the middle of the fight, the dynamics are very similar in the sixth round, as it was in the fifth. Charlo starts in the center of the ring, forcing Chestnut to walk, but ends the last minute cornered on the ropes, where Chestnut it is more powerful in its combinations. The Argentine combines, harasses and hits important shots to the face of Charlo. Chestnut better finish rounds on the ropes.

By that time, after six rounds, Chestnut wins 58-56 on the card LEFT PUNCH.

In the seventh, Brian Castaño

showed more emphasis on punishing the body. Chase Charlo and puts it back on the ropes. Charlo he looks more stopped, because Chestnut he is attacking more and more system to the body, and connects several hooks to the liver in the round. Charlo looks overwhelmed and Chestnut It is totally frontal, cutting off the ring and trying to close the exits.

In the eighth round, Brian Castaño he looked like the clear dominator. It was an episode, where both fighters looked for short exchanges, but it is Chestnut who connects more solidly and cleanly to the face of Charlo.

At that point in the fight, Charlo begins to be limited. His answers are no longer so quick or so clear. Chestnut he looks more confident, more in the power of dynamics, rhythm and space. Goes all the time behind Charlo, and it makes him fight in reverse.

In the ninth round, Chestnut I kept pressing Charlo, making him fight backwards and retracting him on the ropes. It was the same dynamic for much of the fight.

And is that Charlo he was not consistent or disciplined with the jab. That was the weapon to keep Chestnut in the distance, but by not throwing it with consistency, Chestnut it got into him and sent him to the ropes. The fight of Charlo It had to be in the center of the ring, but he couldn’t hold back Chestnut there.

But the hit of Jermell charloWe said, he was still there, lurking, like an ace up his sleeve. In the 10th round Brian Castaño I was taking risks and Jermell could make him pay. It was a short hook in response to an onslaught of Chestnut, what Jermell managed to connect. His legs went numb to Chestnut. Hurt, and staggered, the Argentine dedicated himself to surviving dramatically for two minutes of the round, running and boxing to avoid touching the mat. It was the closest anyone came to touching the canvas.

That big hit of Charlo, served to slow down the momentum of Chestnut which came out in the eleventh round much more cautious, then after the shake of round 10. Chestnut, recovers, strengthens a bit, and squeezes in the last seconds. However, Charlo he looked more dominating and more confident. Chestnut, slowed down by care and caution, he does not throw so much to combine and he throws mostly isolated hits.

Jermell charlo He seemed to come back in the championship rounds, and the specter of scorecard controversy loomed over San Antonio.

Round 12 was a last effort round. Much exchange, where Chestnut seems to land slightly more hits than Charlo. Both finish the round throwing punches, although without hurting themselves and without major punches.

In the end, we said the judges gave very uneven cards. Two of them saw the fight very close with scores of 114-114 and 114-113. The other judge saw win Jermell charlo loosely 117-111. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Brian Castaño 116-112.

Thus, with the tie Brian Castaño retained the WBO super welterweight world championship. Y Jermell charlo retained those of the WBC, FIB and WBA. The night ended with no undisputed champion at 154 pounds.

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