Journalists and analysts criticize Castaño vs Charlo cards

Brian Castaño y Jermell Charlo

Journalists and analysts specialized in boxing analyzed the cards of the fight between Jermell charlo Y Brian Castaño, after the official decision ended as a split tie.

On the cards, Hector Afu saw the Argentine win by 114-113, Tim cheatham had a draw by 114-114 and Nelson vazquez caused controversy by watching Charlo win 117-111.

The judge’s score Nelson caused a lot of discomfort within the sport, as many considered that Charlo He couldn’t keep the fight because of such a wide difference.

The Argentine boxer asked for immediate revenge to unify the 154-pound belts, but the American was hesitant about it and said he preferred to take time off and then analyze his future.

“Card 117-111 of Nelson vazquez not at the 118-110 level Adalaide Byrd, but it’s close, “he wrote Douglass fischer from The Ring. “The guy deserves to be investigated and watched closely from now on.”

“Let’s go to the cards in Charlo-Castaño: 114-113 for Chestnut, 117-111 for Charlo and 114-114 ”, he commented Dan rafael. “It’s a split tie! Shit!”.

117-111 in favor of Charlo it’s a disgrace ”, he added Dan.

“We have a tie,” he said. Mike coppinger from ESPN. “114-113 for Chestnut, 117-111 for Charlo and 114-114. That 117-111 is the worst I’ve ever seen. I had it 117-111 for Chestnut”.

“The best, that was a gift and, the worst, a robbery,” he added. Coppinger. “Closed, narrow, however you have it. Jermell charlo he’s a great fighter, but it wasn’t his night. “

“I had Chestnut winning an excellent fight, “he wrote Adam abramowitz from The Ring. “It was better during the 12 rounds. Charlo closed in the final third, but did not make it back ”.

“My unofficial card: 115-113 Brian Castaño”, Published the analyst of ESPN, Fernando Barbosa.

“7-5 Chestnut”, He pointed Shawn porter, boxer and analyst. “I hope the judges do the right thing. After all I think it was an exciting and competitive fight. “

“Boxing once again paralyzed Argentina with Brian Castaño, an elite fighter with fast-paced combat against Jermell charlo”, Exhibited Salvador Rodriguez from ESPN. “In the end it was a draw. This fight was all that was good in boxing, what was not good was 117-111 ”.

“Promoters have to be aware of these bad judges,” he said. Chris Mannix by Sports Illustrated. “Go to Steve Weisfield (the best in boxing) and Tim cheatham, are good. Go to Nelson Vazquez, you immediately wonder what the billboard will look like. Imagine that happens in a sport that people pay more attention to ”.

“That was a tremendous fight,” he said. Douglass fischer from The Ring. “That’s what we expect when we see the best fighters in the division seeking unified status. I have a Chestnut winning a close fight, 7-5 in rounds, 115-113 ”.

“I gave the 12 to Charlo, who won the last three rounds on my card, which ended at 114-114. Memorable battle, ”he said Steve Kim.

114-113 Chestnut, 117-111 Charlo, 114-114 a tie between Charlo Y Chestnut”He added Kim. “But Nelson vazquez and your card should be satirized. Let’s review this. “

“Get a tie in Texas against a local Texas it means that you did not win convincingly, they cannot let you go with the victory “, he considered. Sergio Mora from DAZN.

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