Terror in Washington: at least 4 injured in shooting near MLB Nationals stadium


After listening shots in the area near the stadium Nationals Park, the baseball team of the Washington Nationals decided to suspend the game that was at stake against the San Diego Padres by MLB. As reported by the police sources of Washington, four people were injured for a shooting. Fortunately, the police added that the situation is under control and there is no longer any kind of danger.

“All danger has been removed”

“There is an ongoing investigation and it seems that for the moment all danger has been eliminated,” said the Washington police department, as reported by AFP. It is a moment of absolute tension in Nationals Park (Southern Navy Yard of Washington, DC.), When the players began to hear shots, probably from machine guns, in an area very close to the stadium, so they began to evacuate it together with their relatives.

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Concern in the stadium

Faced with the eviction of the players, the spectators in the stadium began to worry and the voice of the stadium, accompanied by notifications on the giant screen, encouraged them to leave the stadium. Some fans posted chilling videos on social media when they heard the shots and the desperation of several fans to vacate the stadium could also be seen.

“A shooting was reported outside the Nationals Park Third Base Gate,” was what the Nationals team reported on their social media. “Fans are encouraged to leave the stadium through the CF and RF gates at this time. We are working with law enforcement agencies to provide more information as soon as it is available ”, he added, which was replicated in all his media.

The match will resume on Sunday

At that time of the game, the Padres won the game 8-4, with the Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr. standing out, batting 4-4 ​​with two runs scored and two RBIs, according to the media ‘ESPN’. As the Nationals were shaping up to hit at the close of the sixth inning, there was the roar that led to the eviction of the stadium. The same source indicated that the match will resume on Sunday.

The terrifying moment

Nationals statement

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