Bomb! Dana White called Logan Paul before UFC 264

Logan Paul.

Few hours ago, Logan paul confirmed that Dana White He called him on the phone days ago. That happened in the preview of UFC 264, which was seen worldwide by the trilogy between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. In this way, speaking on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, the oldest of the youtubers brothers announced what they both said in the aforementioned talk, which made noise at this time.

At the beginning of his words, the phrases that stood out the most from Paul They were: “On the day of the UFC fight, I’m sitting on my couch and I see a name appear on my phone. What did he say? Dana White. A name appears on my phone: Dana White. I say, ‘What the fuck?’ I show Jake, he’s sitting right there and it’s 11:00 am and I’m having breakfast. I said, ‘This is weird.’

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So I answer and I’m not sure what to expect because Jake pissed him off. He and Jake have an ongoing dispute. I also went out publicly and said that I love Dana White. I love Dana White, I always have, always will. He is a ruthless businessman, he is the boss and I have no problem with him, ”added the eldest of the youtuber brothers.

An unexpected dialogue

Being that way, Logan He expressed the following about the strange situation that happened: “But I’m not sure how he feels about me because, by default, my relationship with my brother will always take priority, but if I can be nice to someone, I will. He calls me up and says, ‘Hey, is this Logan?’ I was like, ‘yeah what’s up Dana? ‘ He says, ‘You have two tickets, right?’

“‘I got you better seats in what’s called the billionaires’ row,’ and he says, ‘You’ll have a much better experience.’ I’m kind of amazed and honored that Dana White is pleasing me, this is fantastic. And I said, ‘Sure, thank you Dana‘and I hung up and Jake said,’ That was weird, ‘”he concluded. Logan paul, who had already made clear his interest in entering MMA.

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