Crazy! Canelo Álvarez called Brian Castaño and made it clear that he was “robbed”

Brian Castaño.

Saturday night, Brian Castaño received the praise of the legendary Canelo Alvarez. After tying with Jermell charlo In a historic fight and with a controversial result, the Mexican took his hat off for La Matanza and everything was recorded. It should be noted that the 31-year-old Argentine boxer stretches his undefeated to 17 victories (12KO) and now 2 draws, being more than alarming numbers for the other fighters.

«For me you won, what a great fight. I congratulate you bastard », was what he said Canelo to Brian on the phone call. “I’m very happy. He is a great champion, the great reference. That those words come is beautiful for me and for the team. They are things that happen in that type of fights “, summarized Chestnut, analyzing what were the words of the mythical Mexican fighter, who filled him with praise.

A huge robbery: Brian Castaño crushed Jermell Charlo and the judges tied

In addition, after the fight, the Argentine indicated: «I felt that I won the fight. I want to ask for a rematch immediately because the fight I know I will win. He has hit me a hand or two that I felt in the round, but that does not mean that I won the fight. I hit him big hands, I hit big hands. He threw the left cross at me and it moved me, it really hits hard. I saw everything crossed. Holy God”.

An unusual result

«Everything moved: I had one eye to the right and the other to the left. I wanted to straighten them and I was moving. I said that I made a great camp and with mobility I was able to perform well, to recover. Of those hands like that, with those power, with a knockout like he is Charlo one goes to the floor. I had been winning the fight fairly. He connected me the odd hand in the ninth or tenth and I was felt the whole round, “he added.

To close, Brian Castaño He explained: “At the beginning of the other round she hit me with some hands, but I knew how to carry her. Fights are fights. He’s a great boxer, a strong boxer, but I have my thing. I put a left cross, I think, like he felt it. I gave it back to him, because in the second he connected me and he made faces like ‘you entered’. It escaped me just a little bit, I regret that. Fights are fights. This has to go on. God willing he gives me revenge.

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