“I hope Pacquiao lands a good punch at Spence to test his jaw,” notes Keith Thurman.

"I hope Pacquiao lands a good punch at Spence to test his jaw," notes Keith Thurman.

Keith thurman, who lost to Manny pacquiao in 2019 by split decision, he pointed out that he hopes the Filipino will hit his next rival with good shots, Errol spence, and check how good your jaw is.

“I hope it connects something good to Errol, one of those blows, “he said Thurman in a Live from Instagram. “We all want to see that jaw touch. We want to see that jaw put to the test. “

In the same way, he assured that he has seen the camp work he has done Pacquiao for this battle and noted that he has seen it slower.

“I saw PacMan work, he looks a little slower in this camp, I’m not going to lie, now he’s a little older, he looks a little slower,” he said.

Thurman made it clear that he will be a fan on August 21 when Spence Y Manny get in the ring.

“We also look forward to the fight and we will be there live. I want to see how the environment will be and how it will feel ”, he explained Thurman


Keith Thurman tells Pacquiao he’s not the favorite

A few days ago, both fighters agreed on a television program and there Keith thurman He told the Filipino to his face that the favorite of the fight is Errol Spence.

“I am in favor of Spence, it’s big ”, he said Thurman to Fight Hub with Mannyin front of him. “All that he (Manny) does is a challenge. He loves a challenge. That’s one of the things that makes him one of the best fighters. “

Despite this, Thurman praised the 42-year-old Filipino boxer, who is in search of another title.

“He is a true warrior, a true boxer. He was raised on this, and he wants the best until the day it ends. You don’t want to be in prep camp to fight a nobody. He wants to be in a preparation camp to fight the best in the world, “he added.

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