Lewis Hamilton adds spice to the Formula 1 controversy: “I don’t have to apologize”

Lewis Hamilton

After this Sunday’s race, the seven-time champion of the Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, shot hard at Max verstappen after the accident. In his words, the Dutchman was too aggressive in defending his career line. Hours later, and with the revolutions a little calmer, Hamilton did not back down on his words and even went a little further: “I don’t have to apologize”, Shooting.

Some remain impressed, disappointed and even enraged by Hamilton’s actions regarding the accident that occurred in the Grand Prix of Great Britain of this Sunday. The Briton was very euphoric to have achieved victory while his main rival was on his way to the hospital, something that Verstappen says is ‘Disrespectful and unsportsmanlike’.

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“I found out that Max is in the hospital and that worries me. None of us want any of us to be injured, that’s not my intention, so I hope it’s okay. I’ll call him later to check he’s okay. We live to fight one more day, there will be many difficult races and we have to learn to find a decent balance, “said Hamilton.

He regrets?

However, the seven-time champion was unrepentant for hitting hard at the Copse corner. “I haven’t really seen the footage, I saw a quick clip when I got back to the garage, but I will come back and have time to reflect on it. From my point of view I don’t think I’m in a position to have to apologize for anything. We were there running, ”he commented.

In addition, he assured that the 10-second penalty was not fair, although he did not protest for it. “I do not agree with the commissioners, but I accept my sanction and continue with my work. I’m not going to complain. Everyone is going to have a different opinion and I don’t care, especially what people think, ”Hamilton said to finish.

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