“Put him in the hospital”: the accident between Hamilton and Verstappen opens a war in Formula 1

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Without a doubt, the accident between Hamilton Y Verstappen is the theme of the week in the Formula 1. The statements of the drivers, team leaders, the FIA and the fans were the reasons for an open war in the paddock. Red bull against Mercedes, Hamilton vs. Verstappen. The duel that promised to be one of the best, is now passing the line: “Put him in the hospital”, Shooting Christian Horner.

Lewis Hamilton assured after the crash that this situation could occur. While this is true, everyone avoids having to get to this point, where an accident can determine the final result of a championship. There were ever intentional accidents. It happened in 1990, when Ayrton senna he took ahead (on purpose) Alain Prost to fasten your second title. However, no one believes that Hamilton has a similar action.

“Disrespectful and unsportsmanlike”: Max Verstappen furious at Lewis Hamilton


Many point out that the Hamilton and Verstappen accident was intentional. Christian Horner, head of the Red Bull team, did not hesitate for a second when assuring that the Briton had the intention of crashing his pilot. Hopefully Lewis is happy with himself. He put an opponent in the hospital. Hamilton has enough experience to know that this is not done, he put a tire in one of the fastest corners there is, “he said.

In addition, Horner fired with thick ammunition at the seven-time champion, throwing him all responsibility for the accident that occurred at the Copse corner of the Silverstone circuit. “As for me, all the blame is on Hamilton, who should never have been in that position. He could have had a brutal accident. Thank God he was unharmed. So I hope you deal with it properly.

However, it is not the only word against the British. The advisor and main figure of Red Bull, Helmut Marko, I also point out that Hamilton’s behavior is ‘Negligent and dangerous’. “If a competitor savagely touches the rear wheel with his front wheel, that is no longer a racing accident at the fastest corner of the circuit,” said the Austrian.

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