“The Charlo and Castaño thing was a reasonable ‘robbery’, not a robbery”, analyzes Ernesto Cherquis Bialo

Lo de Charlo y Castaño fue un 'atraquito' razonable, no un robo, analiza Ernesto Cherquis Bialo

According to the Argentine dean of boxing journalism, Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, the fight between Brian Castaño Y Jermell charlo It was not a great robbery of boxing, as many claim.

Experienced boxing analyst, Cherquis bialo talked with LEFT PUNCH about what he saw on a Saturday night full of bravery, but also controversy. Jermell charlo Y Brian Castaño tied in a fight where many saw the Argentine win, and where a disproportionate card favored Charlo to sentence the tie.

Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, sports analyst.

The fight between Castaño and Charlo was not a great robbery, according to Cherquis

Under the measured opinion of Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, the duel between Brian Castaño Y Jermell charlo It wasn’t a big boxing robbery.

“It does not fall into the category of the great robberies of world boxing,” he said. Cherquis bialo, in communication with LEFT PUNCH. “At least from what I’ve seen in the last 60 years. Theft, as such, was the one who suffered Manuel Gonzalez against (Masashi) Kudo, in Japan. Gonzalez won all 15 rounds, and they gave the fight to Kudo“.

“The one on Saturday is within the consideration of the reasonableness of an even fight, where one champion exhibits three crowns, and the other tries to defend his, in addition, to obtain the unification of four international recognitions,” he explained Cherquis bialo. “It was a reasonable ‘heist’, within the game of tag team fights.”

Furthermore, in consideration of Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, the task of the judges is complicated, but nothing can guarantee the card of Nelson Vazquez. It gave the winner to Hombre de Hierro by 117-111.

“When each round ends, the judges have to give a winner,” he said. Cherquis bialo. “As there is no draw in the rounds, you have to bow. In those even rounds, the line is so fine between giving a round to Charlo or give it to Chestnut, that the jury stays with those impressions. This does not justify the insanity that 6 points for Charlo“.

Questioned tie between Castaño and Charlo.
Questioned tie between Chestnut Y Charlo.

Cherquis He also made reference to the importance of the combat arrangement, as a fundamental part of a premeditated robbery.

“There was no preconceived spirit of theft. This occurs when the three judges agree to frustrate a legitimate performance ”, continued the experienced analyst, in his demonstration comment. “Won Chestnut, indisputably, with a great effort and a great tactical work, until the tenth round ”.

For Cherquis, the key round was the tenth

Within the consecrating that was the lawsuit for Brian Castaño within the class A market of world boxing, Ernesto Cherquis Bialo highlighted his performance in the tenth round.

“Won Chestnut, with effort and tactics, until the tenth round “, he described Cherquis bialo. “The tenth, marks a turning point in the final destiny of combat. That point, only the boxer knows and has an extraordinary value. To have been a knockout, and to come out of that agony in a remarkable cerebellar state. Not everyone has the courage for that ”.

What the Argentine master of boxing journalism saw in Brian Castaño in that tenth round he marked the narrative of the fight.

“He completed the fight and reversed the mental attitude, without waning the motivation and the all-important drive,” he said. Cherquis. “Anyone who receives the two blows that the Boxi, he begins to cool down the fight, to walk backwards, to go out to the sides, to go to the ropes, to take the adversary, to look for neutralization resources. It was not the case of Chestnut“.

Far from getting smaller, Brian Castaño He went out to recover, to go for combat, according to the vision of Cherquis.

“He benched the stop, endured the blows, the ring began to turn, he lost sense of space and reached the end of the round,” he reasoned Cherquis. “He left, for the eleventh, with the same plan that he had done from the first to the tenth, that is, to take the initiative. This strongly surprised Charlo, because I thought that I would be in front of a rival to cool down the fight ”.

Chestnut, firm before Charlo's onslaught
Chestnut, firm before the onslaught of Charlo.

In the eyes of Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, the performance of Brian Castaño last Saturday, it had similarities with that of Sergio “Wonder” Martinez in view of Julio César Chávez Jr.

Chestnut did, in front of Charlo, what Wonder Martinez did after his fall in front of Chavez Jr. That creates uncertainty for the other “, he commented Cherquis bialo. “Yes Martinez would have come out of all possible exchange distances, and Chestnut I would have done the same with Charlo, no one would have consecrated ”.

It seems to be too hasty to think of a second edition

After the fight between Brian Castaño Y Jermell charloIt was the Argentine who asked for an immediate rematch. The American admitted that he would like to repeat the rivalry, but does not know when.

Ernesto Cherquis Bialo thinks that, at this moment, it is difficult to intelligently arrange a revenge between Chestnut Y Charlo.

“On Saturday a high price for health was paid,” he said. Cherquis. “You have to leave a space, recover well, and start over against volunteer rivals, before another fight with Charlo. It was tough, it cost a lot. The dad (and coach) of ChestnutHe said he had the towel in his hand. It was also not free for Charlo. Any intelligent management would establish a distance ”.

Cherquis details the reasons why he does not see viable a rematch in the short term between Chestnut Y Charlo.

“TO Charlo it is not convenient for him to fight with Chestnut, already Chestnut Nor would it be convenient for him to fight against Charlo“, He points out Cherquis. “It would be good to recover, to see the physical nature and life of each person after this test. It will be inevitable. What is under discussion is when. As long as your brother is at middleweight, I imagine Charlo he’s going to continue being a super welterweight at 1.80 ″.

Brothers Charlo, world champions.

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