The controversy continues! Red Bull wants to denounce Lewis Hamilton for the crash: “We will analyze it”

Red Bull

Lewis hamilton Y Max verstappen starred in the biggest controversy in recent years in the Formula 1. The seven-time World Champion and the young driver of Red bull they played at the entrance to the Copse curve, one of the fastest on the calendar. This put the Dutch out of the race and the British as the winner. However, the Austrian team does not hesitate to take this to the commissioners of the FIA: “We will analyze it”.

After the race, the main concern of the fans and especially the Red Bull team, was the health of the Dutch driver after the accident. Although he got out of the car on his own, Max was quite shocked by the accident, which sent him to the hospital for routine checkups.

“It could happen”: controversy over Lewis Hamilton’s reaction after the accident with Verstappen


The sanction to Hamilton was only 10 seconds and because of that, several fans were very disappointed with the FIA ​​and especially with the sports commissioners who were present at the Silverstone circuit. One of those who spoke about it was Christian Horner, Red Bull team chief, who did not rule out the chance to report Hamilton to the sports judges.

Although the sanction in the race is already in place, Horner believes that he can think about going ahead with the complaint, even if it is very difficult. “We have some rights available, but I think that, unfortunately, the result is quite clear to the stewards. I think it will not make sense to take things further, but we will analyze it. We will talk about it shortly, but that would be my initial reaction, “he said.

Verstappen State

On the other hand, he assured that Max Verstappen is in good condition after the crash. “It has gone through all the precautionary checks. He maintained consciousness at all times, but is beaten and bruised. It’s the biggest accident of his career, a 51G incident, so I’m thankful that he was able to get out of the car on his own foot, because it was a huge accident, ”said Horner.

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