This is how Mexican and Argentine fans surrendered to Brian Castaño after the fight

This is how Mexican and Argentine fans surrendered to Brian Castaño after the fight

After his battle against Jermell Charlo, where he tied Saturday night in San Antonio, Brian Castaño received great support from Mexican and Argentine fans who gathered at the scene of the fight.

And it is that after the tie was decreed and each boxer kept their titles, the Argentine stayed at the end to greet the fans. He took photos and received congratulations from the public who saw him as the winner. Despite the bittersweet of the tie, Brian Castaño He didn’t stop smiling, he looked full, satisfied with his performance.

“We won ChestnutWe won ”, a Mexican fan is heard applauding him after taking a picture with him.

At another point, an Argentine fan tells the fighter and his people that he lives in The Angels and that there they have their house. That he could go whenever he wanted to make a barbecue.

Seconds later, another fan approached him and told him that “he has balls like a Mexican,” to which Chestnut He replied “thank you, compa”.

And with the chant of his compatriots: “Give him champion, give him champion, give him champion”, Brian

He looked like a rockstar handing out photos and greetings left and right. There were many people who stayed to wait for him, thus showing the great traction that the Argentine has.

This is how Brian Castaño won the hearts of Mexican fans. This, in addition to the great support he already had from his Argentine compatriots.

In the hours leading up to the fight, Chestnut He had said that his performance would be dedicated to all Latinos, not just Argentines.

“I represent all Latinos, not just Argentina“, He said Brian Castaño. “When I defeat Jermell charlo, I will become the first Latino in history to have all four belts in the division. I don’t want to disappoint anyone ”.

Y Brian Castaño it came very close to making history.

Brian Castaño wants the rematch against Charlo as soon as possible

Brian Castaño, 154-pound champion for the OMB, He asked Al haymon and Showtime Boxing to give him immediate rematch with Jermell charlo, super welterweight monarch for the WBA, WBC Y FIB, after the tie they held in San antonio, texas.

“I felt that I won the fight,” he said at the end of the contest. “I want to ask for the rematch immediately because I know that I won it, some hand has hit me, that does not mean that I won the fight.”

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